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ATV Offroad Fury

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - PS2 (listed as in credits)
Strawhorse Atlanta Rock
Ultraspank Click Rock
Ultraspank Crumble Metal
Anthrax Crush Metal
Sevendust Denial Metal
Strawhorse Fishbowl Rock
Bender Isolate Rock
Primus Jerry Was a Race Car Driver Rock
Strung Out Mephisto Rock
Strung Out Scarecrow Rock
Soundgarden Spoonman Rock
Bender Superfly Rock
Cirrus Stop and Panic Electronica
Alice in Chains Them Bones Rock
Apollo 440 Yo! Future Electronic Rock
Jan Josef Cyrka Paranoia Electronic Rock
Dan Gallagher Menu Song (with David Lowmiller) Electronica
Dan Gallagher UIMusic (with David Lowmiller) Composed soundtrack
Custom - Java
Somebodygame_id322 Java ME MIDI MIDI