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Country Band Song Genre
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Daniel Barbosa Burning Banners
Mitchell Marlow The Sound of Speed
Tilman Sillescu Nail Fight
Jay Price Aftershocks
Daniel Barbosa Possessiveness And Torment
Tilman Sillescu Stock and Rock
Tilman Sillescu Peak Attack
Daniel Barbosa Flying Squirrel
Steve Ouimette Auger (with Cat Gray)
Matthew Todd Naylor Came to Play (with Steven Stern & Thomas Michael Hirschmann) Rock
Skinny Williams Abe Lincoln Park Bench (with Aaron Kelley)
Matthew Todd Naylor Pushing The Chains (with Steven Stern & Thomas Michael Hirschmann) Composed soundtrack
Skinny Williams Pretty Heavy Metal Door (with Jamey Perrenot and Ruben Ayala)
Daniel Barbosa Steel Vest
Daniel Barbosa Hard Steel
Marc Ferrari A Moment to Shine (with David Issac Feldstein)
Daniel Barbosa Ergonomic Components
Jimmy Kaleth Fist Fight (with Bob Mitchell & Jez Pike) Rock
Daniel Barbosa Gasoline
Simon Painter Spooked by Speed (with Ian Clarke)
Custom - Cutscenes (only?)
Skindred Warning Metal
Marc Rosenberger Quartz Metal
Steve Ruff Afterburner (with Elliot Nash) Rock
Pierre Gerwig Langer Harness Your Power Rock
Custom - No idea where I got this from
Simon Painter Spiked (with Ian Clarke) (Killer Tracks) Composed soundtrack
Pierre Gerwig Langer Metal Fight Composed soundtrack
Pierre Gerwig Langer Steel Hammer Composed soundtrack