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Monster Energy Supercross 4

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Custom - Found in game Music.txt file in WwiseAudio folder with order taken from this file
ClandestyneGet Back in the GameRock
Mike StringerWaxRock
Splasher!Dollar Needles???
OomieeDown In The Dirt???
No Sons of MineLack of HumanityRock
DeathkiteWhere I Find StrengthRock
DeathkiteIn Our LanguageRock
Suffer CityGo To Hell Scarlett WomanRock
Suffer CityLost and BlindRock
CarvingsMagic HighwayRock
Sightless in ShadowPoisoned BladeMetal
CarvingsNever ReturnRock
The Eastern PlainIn And Out Of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) (Tigerblood Jewel null)Rock
DissidencePower of BalanceRock
CarvingsTruth Will WinRock
River SamTrouble Deep (oomiee Remix)???
Tigerblood JewelBlues or Something Like ThatRock
ConditionalNot FunnyRock
Off CutsTasing Pure SinRock
Sightless in ShadowBroken DelusionMetal
Sebastian ForslundHyperdriveMetal
DissidenceHavoc HurricaneRock
CarvingsGood for NothingRock
CarvingsSooner Than You KnowRock
DissidenceRelentless RushRock
Splasher!Good World Gone Bad (Wildside Remix)???
Sightless in ShadowAbberationMetal
CarvingsCherry Bomb LipsRock
Splasher!Got Real???
Henrik AnderssonBuzzin with the FuzzRock
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