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Tourist Trophy

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Both PAL and NTSC
Bedrock Emerald (Grayareas Speakesy Remix) House
Daft Punk Human After All (SebastiAn Remix) Progressive House
Death From Above 1979 Romantic Rights (Marczech Makuziak Remix) Electro Funk
Lindstrøm Super Duper Space Funk
Ming + FS Dive and Drive Breakbeat
Rennie Pilgrem Revolution7 Trance Breakbeat
The Faint The Conductor (Thin White Duke Remix) Progressive House
Sun Paulo I Against a Speed Rock
Sun Paulo Discommunication Rock
Sun Paulo Who Am I Rock
Bio-Tonic The Chase is Better Than Race Trance
Bio-Tonic Rock & Tonic Trance
Quadra Fiber Optics Trance
Wrecked Machines Wind Jammer Trance
Kasai Okinawa Wind Bossanova
Kasai Brazilian Wind Bossanova
Kasai California Wind Bossanova
Mitsuo Okada Digital Mononoke Beat PT.1 Instrument
Mitsuo Okada Digital Mononoke Beat PT.2 Instrument
Sun Paulo Forest Instrument
Rosso Clover Crown Rock
Custom - PAL (only)
Hystereo Corporate Crimewave Techno
Infadels Jagger '67 (Eraserhead Mix) Electronica
Vitalic La Rock 01 Electroclash
Vitalic Poney Part 1 Electroclash
Vitalic Poney Part 2 Electroclash
Custom - Japanese version (only?)
Makoto Five Silver Rings Composed soundtrack
Makoto Mystery Composed soundtrack
Makoto Low Sky Composed soundtrack
Makoto Mind Visions Composed soundtrack
Makoto Introduction Composed soundtrack
Makoto Far West Composed soundtrack
Makoto Blue on Black Composed soundtrack
Makoto Your Soul Composed soundtrack
Makoto Take Your Soul Composed soundtrack
Makoto Inside My Love Composed soundtrack
Makoto Peaces of Mind Composed soundtrack
Custom - Tourist Trophy Tracks compilation (only)
Hujaboy The Eternal Now Trance
Joti Sidhu Moderate Stimulation Trance
Gataka Time Reaction (vs. DJ Ziki) Trance
Talamasca Feelings Trance
Sun Paulo I Against The Speed (Quadra Remix) Trance