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Ride 4

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Order as found in game files and Music.bank
Rainman Early Hours
Somebodygame_id506 Track B v3 Edit 1
Rainman Rising Tides Ambient
William Ian Berridge Fields
Somebodygame_id506 Dark Side of the Japan Yamaha
Giants Nest Hats Electronica
Giants Nest Yim Yim Electronica
Tom Gabriel Downtime
Clarkin Geoffrey Love Triangle
Somebodygame_id506 Track A v2 edit 1
Somebodygame_id506 Track A v1 edit 1
Somebodygame_id506 My Love Won't Change Full Mix
Rainman Indigo Electronica
Le Fat Club Platinum Arpeggio Electronica
Somebodygame_id506 Splash Screen v3
Chantel Alleyne So Easy (with Michael Boddy) Electronica
Somebodygame_id506 Memory Sound Alike Full Mix
Ole Roar Granli Living In The Moment
Somebodygame_id506 Machine Sound Alike Full Mix
Somebodygame_id506 Digital Echoes Sound Alike Full Mix
Giants Nest Gogaga Electronica
Somebodygame_id506 Track B v4 Edit 1
Ole Roar Granli Glass Bottom Boat
Rospigg Older Now
Louis Greenwood Midnight Heartbreak
Rainman Sunbeam
Rospigg 2
Somebodygame_id506 Blue Shades Sound Alike Full Mix Composed soundtrack
Nicholas Michael Hill Down for a Ride (with Von Hemingway and William Riddims)