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DiRT 3

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Main menu (Front-End)
Scott Nixon The Wedge Electronica
Starkey New Cities Electronica
Phonat Ghetto Burnin' (Mmmatthias Mix) Electronica
Phonat Intimate Confessions Electronica
Lorn Cherry Moon Electronica
Chase and Status Blind Faith Electronica
Starkey Ok Luv Electronica
Hudson Mohawke Fuse Electronica
Scott Nixon Resolution Electronica
Skream Listenin' to the Records On My Wall D&B
Starkey Pleasure Points Ambient
Tek-One LHC Blues Electronica
Custom - Gymkhana events (only) / Gymkhana Replay Version
Moloko Fun For Me (Gymkhana Replay) Pop
RJD2 Good Times Roll: Pt. 2 (Gymkana Replay) Trip Hop
The Go Team! T.O.R.N.A.D.O. (Gymkhana Replay) Indie Rock
Aceyalone All For U (Gymkhana Replay) Rap
The Gap Band Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) (Gymkhana Replay) Funk
Run-D.M.C. Peter Piper (Gymkhana Replay) Rap
Fort Knox 5 Insight (The Nextmen Remix) (Gymkana Replay) Rap
Danny Byrd Judgement Day (Gymkhana Replay) D&B
Dan le Sac Cauliflower (vs. Scroobius Pip) (Does It Offend You Yeah? Remix) (Gymkhana Replay) Electronica
Custom - Compound Replay Version
Harlem Friendly Ghost (Compound Replay) Indie Rock
Atmosphere The Waitress (Compound Replay) Rap
David E. Sugar Keep It Simple (Compound Replay) Alternative Dance
People Under The Stairs Trippin' At the Disco (Compound Replay) Rap
Fort Knox 5 Insight (A. Skillz Remix) (Compound Replay) Electronica
Drive A Are You Blind (Compound Replay) Rock
The Gaslight Anthem The Spirit of Jazz (Compound Replay) Rock
Crocodiles Mirrors (Compound Replay) Rock
Graffiti6 Stare Into The Sun (Compound Replay) Pop
Custom - Solo Car Replay Version
We Are Scientists Rules Don't Stop (Solo Car Replay Version) Indie Rock
Phonat Ghetto Burnin' (Mmmatthias Mix) (Solo Car Replay)
Danny Byrd We Can Have it All (Solo Car Replay Version) D&B
South Central Demons (Main Citizen Mix) (Solo Car Replay) Electronica
Dinosaur Pile-Up Wheels Turning (Solo Car Replay) Rock
Manchester Orchestra I've Got Friends (Solo Car Replay) Indie Rock
Everything Everything Suffragette Suffragette (Solo Car Replay) Indie Rock
Chromeo Don't Turn The Lights On (Solo Car Replay) Synthpop
Leftfield Storm 3000 (Solo Car Replay) Electronica
Custom - Multi-Car Replay Version
Furyon Disappear Again (Multi Car Replay) Rock
65daysofstatic Crash Tactics (Multi Car Replay) Electronica
Biffy Clyro That Golden Rule (Multi Car Replay) Rock
Black Spiders What Good's a Rock Without a Roll? (Multi Car Replay) Rock
Glamour of the Kill Feeling Alive (Multi Car Replay) Rock