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Project Gotham Racing 2

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
David Helpling Main Menu Theme Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Showroom Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Kudos World Series Theme Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Arcade Mode Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Multiplayer Menu Theme Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Live Online Theme Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Time Attack Menu Music Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Race Finish Success Composed soundtrack
David Helpling Race Finish Fail Composed soundtrack
Custom - Sorted as appear in credits
Princess Superstar Meet You Halfway Rap
Trapt Still Frame Metal
The Used Bulimic Rock
The Used Maybe Memories Rock
Earshot Ordinary Girl Rock
Glassjaw Cosmopolitan Bloodloss Rock
Glassjaw Radio Cambodia Rock
The Flaming Lips Fight Test Rock
Mellowdrone Beautiful Day Indie Rock
Kazuo Yoda sabotage R&B
moopie Kagoshima Pop
Vorga Be be! Electronica
As Brothers Soshite Bokuwa Pop
E.T. Silvereye (with Chips) Pop
Real-Rabbit-Fur Butterfly Pop
June Don't go away Rock
Mychronicle LaLaLuLa Pop
MIRAI Yume No Kanata E Pop
Segal Interior small noses Rock
Chiisai Lapis UZU Electronica
Unscandal 1.2.3! Ska
Propeller Kosoku no koi Rock
Image Dive Rock
Image Orange Rock
Image Breaker Rock
Metronome Mendokusai Rock
OMB vs I.B.I.S. Unbalance Crow Electronica
Buzz Session X-ATTACK Funk
Nora Puff Puff Monde All Up Funk
Doberman Inc DJNC Second Mission Rap
Norisiam X D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 1 Rap
MAB D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 2 (feat. SPYDER & TMG) Rap
West Head D-ST.GOTHAM Pt. 3 (with 4WD) Rap
Poverty For My People Rap
No Good Call of the Streets (feat. Southern Mafia) Rap
Smilez and Southstar Crash The Party Rap
Smilez and Southstar It's On Rap
Smilez and Southstar What Can You Do? Rap
Gordons Alive Wake Up Rock
Pipsqueek Open Your Eyes Pop
DJ Flexx Here We Go (with Jas Funk) Rap
DJ Flexx Our Thang (with Sean Nicholas) Rap
Soulja Man Fast Lane Rap
Infinite Livez No More Bananas Rap
Lotek Hi-Fi Fire Electronica
Visqueen My House Rock
Rubin Steiner Nylon Electronica