Ridge Racer 6

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Ridge Racer 6 Direct Audio CD1
Hiroshi Okubo Jump in and Go Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Find your Way Composed soundtrack
Keiki Kobayashi World Explorer Introduction (Tutorial) Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Explorers Electronica
Sampling masters MEGA Valley of The Mind Composed soundtrack
Sampling masters AYA Nitro Mantra Composed soundtrack
Sampling masters AYA I Want You Composed soundtrack
Rio Hamamoto Road Mauler Electronic Rock
Hiroshi Okubo You've Got a New Machine #1 Composed soundtrack
Sanodg Floodlight Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Drift Psychosis Composed soundtrack
Asuka Sakai Sueno Del Mar Composed soundtrack
J99 Trail of Light Composed soundtrack
Tetsukazu Nakanishi Ultra Cruise Composed soundtrack
Custom - Ridge Racer 6 Direct Audio CD2
Hiroshi Okubo You've Got a New Machine #2 Composed soundtrack
Sampling masters MEGA Highway Fusion Composed soundtrack
Yu Miyake Acid Eutron #001 Composed soundtrack
Sanodg Radiance Composed soundtrack
Koji Nakagawa Photon Field Composed soundtrack
Kohta Takahashi Galactic Life Composed soundtrack
Junichi Nakatsuru You've Got a New Machine #3 Composed soundtrack
Ajurika Pac-Man Composed soundtrack
Junichi Nakatsuru Layover (Credit) Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Chasing All My Dreams Electronica
Custom - In-game but not in released album? DLC Songs?
Hiroshi Okubo Bassrider Electronica
Sanodg Chrome Drive Electronica
Sampling masters MEGA Highride Electronica
Yu Miyake Pulse Phaze Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Warp Trooper Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Daredevil Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Eat'em Up Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Disco Ball Electronica
Yu Miyake Time Compression Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Carmine Electronica
Ajurika T Minus Ten Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Drive U 2 Dancing Remix Electronica
Ajurika Liquid Soul Electronica
Yu Miyake Funk-A-Tronic Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Deep Resonance Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Divas Electronica
Yu Miyake TuiTui Electronica
Koji Nakagawa Rising Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Night Stream Electronica
Asuka Sakai Your Vibe Electronica
Tetsukazu Nakanishi Tunnel Visionary Electronica