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Gran Turismo 6

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Daiki Kasho We Are One Rock
Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle (GT5 Version) Composed soundtrack
Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle (GT5 Prologue Version) Composed soundtrack
Custom - Bossanova
Ytbunit Club Caracao Bossanova
Ytbunit Fort Greene Bossa Bossanova
Ytbunit Step in The Night Away Bossanova
Custom - Dance and Electronic
aM Moz Electronica
aM One Blue Spaceshore Electronica
aM Playing in 4D Electronica
Boys Noize Reality Electronica
Camo and Krooked Aurora (Instrumental) Electronica
Chvrches Under The Tide Synthpop
Culture Shock I Remember D&B
Delta Heavy End of Days D&B
Depeche Mode Soothe My Soul (Feed Me Remix) Dubstep
Fuck Buttons Brainfreeze Electronica
Hyper Clockwork Electronica
Jagwar Ma Exercise Electronica
Loadstar Bomber D&B
Makoto Black Mist D&B
Makoto Flying Easy D&B
Makoto The Call D&B
Miike Snow In Search Of Synthpop
Neosignal Dernier Cris Electronica
Nero Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) Dubstep
Oliver Control Electronica
Roll The Dice Maelstrom Electronica
Roll The Dice The New Black Electronica
Taku Yoshioka Horizon Seekers D&B
Taku Yoshioka Solver Dubstep
Taku Yoshioka Right After the Break D&B
The Egg Over There Electronica
Tom H@ck I Was Born to Survive Electronica
Tracques Motor Electronica
Two Fingers Sweden Electronica
Underworld Pearl's Girl Electronica
Custom - Jazz
Daisuke Kawai Amber Moment Jazz
Daisuke Kawai Brooklyn Bridge Jazz
Daisuke Kawai Express Way Jazz
Ryo Sonoda Smoker's Lament Jazz
Satoshi Bando Afterglow Jazz
Satoshi Bando Dark Line Jazz
Satoshi Bando Mesmerium Jazz
Satoshi Bando Slow On The Uptake Jazz
Satoshi Bando Smooth Talking Jazz
Shinji Akita Beside You Jazz
Shinji Akita Days with You Jazz
Shinji Akita In Next Second Jazz
Shinji Akita Sweet Coffee Jazz
Shinji Akita The Place for Us Jazz
Taku Yabuki Mr. Svensson's Coffeebreak in Heaven Jazz
Taku Yabuki Nostalgic Rain Jazz
Taku Yabuki Serenade for the Travelers Jazz
Yu Manabe Dirty Cat Blues Jazz
Yu Manabe Slow Life With Sunshine Jazz
Yu Manabe Time to Rest Jazz
Yudai Satoh Gently The Moon Always Watches You Jazz
Yudai Satoh Get On! Jazz
Yudai Satoh Night Birds Jazz