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EA Sports WRC

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Post-race / menu (only?)
Duke Boara Behind The Cloud
Weval Don't Lose Time
Elderbrook Howl (with Tourist)
Panama Fade Into Black (with Tinlicker)
San Holo Don't Look Down (feat. Lizzy Land)
Jungle Good Times (Elephant Talk Remix)
Meg Ward Connections
William Orbit Bank of Wild Flowers
Hot Chip Broken (Each Other Remix)
Dora Jar Bump
Voyage Eternal
Flume Highest Building (Prospa Remix) (feat. Oklou)
Jessica Winter Choreograph
nimino Opening Credits
Nosaj Thing Blue Hour (feat. Julianna Barwick)
Royksopp Control
Safia Falling Down
Shallou Save Some Room
SNBRN Old Days
Spada Sun Goes Down
Suray Sertin People
Willo Rush
Four Tet Teenage Birdsong
Floating Points Ratio
DJ Pone All I Want (feat. Blase)
Ella Vos Mindreader
M83 Oceans Niagara
Custom - Pre-race (only?)
Robert James Aitken Obviously
Joseph Edward Devenney Of My Dreams
Robert James Aitken This Town
Steve Fawcett Freeform Deluxe (with Katherine F Martin)
Robert James Aitken Materialize
Robert James Aitken Splash
Joseph Edward Devenney Astral Projection
Liam Joseph Hennessy Dawn Call
Liam Joseph Hennessy Delay of the Land
Steve Fawcett Destination Dusk (with Katherine F Martin)
Steve Fawcett Divided Attention (with Katherine F Martin)
Steve Fawcett Invisible Energy (with Katherine F Martin)
Robert James Aitken Ocean Road Trip
Robert James Aitken Ride the Breeze
Custom - Trailers (only)
Deraj I Will Not Stop (with Shyloom) Rap
Noisy Alligator