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World Of Speed

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Beta build (Russia-only) (order of songs unknown)
Custom - Rock
Chris Blackwell Killswitch Rock
Deltar A Long Time Ago Rock
Deltar My Dear Lady Rock
Chris Blackwell Game Changer Rock
John Harvey Rise Again Composed soundtrack
Nik Ammar Six Feet Under (with Franklyn Hill) Indie
John Harvey RTA Composed soundtrack
John Harvey Blackjack Girl Composed soundtrack
Deltar Waiting for the Lights Rock
Rocket Sister Into The Nightmare Metal
Deltar Liverpool Road Rock
John Harvey Personal Army Composed soundtrack
Chris Blackwell We Made It Rock
Rocket Sister My Best Metal
Deltar Get Out of Here Rock
Circuits Young Enough Not To Care Rock
Terrorvision D'ya Wanna Go Faster Rock
Don Broco Fancy Dress Rock
Deltar Isabelle Rock
Chris Blackwell Shaguar Rock
Rocket Sister Losing Pride Metal
Rocket Sister Soundwave Metal
Chris Blackwell Chosen One Rock
Rocket Sister Just a Bet Metal
Deltar Rouge Rock
Chris Blackwell Burn Rubber Rock
Little Barrie I Can't Wait Rock
Nik Ammar Hollywood (with Maria Altschuler) Indie Rock
Chris Blackwell Flatline Rock
Rocket Sister I'll Be Fine Metal
Chris Blackwell Zombiehunt Rock
Rocket Sister Lie Cry Die Metal
John Harvey Dirty Rider Rock
Custom - Hip Hop
I Am Legion Choosing For You Dubstep
Sincere Ain't Nobody Like You Rap
Lex One Believe Rap
Lex One My Own Worst Enemy (Remedy) Rap
Foreign Beggars Apex Trap
Lex One Killem Rap
Lex One I Am a Beast Rap
Custom - Bass
Camo and Krooked Breezeblock Dubstep
Gysnoize Starship Troopers Dubstep
Gysnoize Too Many Power D&B
White Dolphins Enjoy Your Life (feat. Frai) D&B
Darren Leigh Purkiss Blam Stoker Electronica
Darren Leigh Purkiss Replication Electronica
Darren Leigh Purkiss The Penguin Electronica
Darren Leigh Purkiss Caves of Gold Electronica
RuN RIOT Upon Your Enemy (feat. Doll) Dubstep
RuN RIOT Kill Them (feat. Benji Webbe) Dubrockstep
Toyaz Cat Second Step Dubstep
Aspectia Steam Machine D&B
Sensorica Doomsday Electronica
Darren Leigh Purkiss Acceleration Electronica
Darren Leigh Purkiss Artificial Intelligence Electronica