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Need for Speed Carbon

DONE. Basic platform list ordered by EA Trax menu. Same for PSP version. Basic game version contains 3 types of playlists and it is possible to either make them play "Gameplay specific" or "Use All Trax". It is only possible to switch music "On" and "Off". Nintendo DS order based on credits. Java version has no credits or song info in the game. Maybe I should do more research but I don't know what else to do here. TODO research on Arcade version as I'm unable to install the game on Windows XP VM and there's no way to unpack CAB files. There are 4 MUS files in PC version, 1st one contains licensed music and last one is about these dynamic themes. Same is in PS2 version. Zeebo version used MP3 files. PSP version uses AT3 format. Nintendo DS uses STRM format. Soundtrack available to download at http://vgm.hcs64.com

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Country Band Song Genre
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - All
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - Hip Hop/Grime [Exotic Cars]
Ekstrak Hard Drivers Rap
Pharrell Show You How To Hustle Rap
Part 2 feat. Fallacy One of Dem Days (Remix) Rap
Spank Rock What It Look Like Rap
Tigarah Girl Fight (Mr. D Hyphy Remix) Rap
Sway Hype Boys Rap
Roots Manuva No Love Hip-Hop
Lady Sovereign Love Me Or Hate Me Rap
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Scorpio Rap
Dynamite MC After Party Rap
Dynamite MC Bounce Rap
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - Rock [Muscle Cars]
Eagles of Death Metal Don't Speak (I Came To Make a Bang!) Garage Rock, Rock
Priestess I Am The Night, Colour Me Black Hard Rock
Wolfmother Joker and The Thief Hard Rock
Valient Thorr Heatseeker Punk Rock
The Vacation I'm No Good Punk Rock
The Bronx Around The Horn Hardcore Punk
Metro Riots Thee Small Faces Alt-rock, Rock
Every Move a Picture Signs of Life Alt-rock, Rock
Kyuss Hurricane Stoner Rock, Rock
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - Electro [Tuner Cars]
Ladytron Sugar (Jagz Kooner Remix) Electronica
Yonderboi People Always Talk About The Weather (Junkie XL Remix) Electronica
Ladytron Fighting in Built Up Areas Electropop, Electronica
Gary Numan Are 'Friends' Electric? Synthpop
Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse (Serge Santiago Remix) Electroclash, Electronica
Tomas Andersson Washing Up (Tiga Remix) Electronica
The Presets Steamworks House
Tiga Good As Gold House
Vitalic My Friend Dario Electroclash
Melody Feel The Rush (Junkie XL Remix) Electronica
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - Official Soundtrack by Ekstrak
Ekstrak Need For Speed Carbon (Original Soundtrack) Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Limited Slip Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Staggered Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Induction Kit Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Belt Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Diesel Shift Composed soundtrack
Ekstrak Hard Drivers VIP Composed soundtrack
PC / PS2 / Xbox / X360 / Mac / Wii / PS3 / GameCube - Official Soundtrack by Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris Need For Speed Carbon (Original Soundtrack) Composed soundtrack
Trevor Morris Meeting Darius Composed soundtrack