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L.A. Rush

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Order based on numbering in game files
Bryan New Turntables of Destruction Rap Rock
Custom - Rock
Rock n Roll Soldiers Funny Little Feeling Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
Skinny Puppy Pro-Test Industrial
Billy Lincoln White Noise (with Kat Green)
Robert Anthony Navarro More of That (with Bret Levick & Sven Hauke Spieker) Rock
Leon Murray Gaer Acceleration (with Chad Wackerman) Rock
Clem Clempson Blow Your Mind Rock
Gary Daniel Cook Chasin' The Dragon Rock
Steve Byrd Rocket in my Pocket
Jan Josef Cyrka Turn it On (with Toby Bricheno) Rock
Chris Goulstone 20/20 Rock
Jan Josef Cyrka Hypersonic (with Toby Bricheno)
Chris Goulstone Grandslam
Chris Goulstone Fanatic Attack Rock
Chris Goulstone Metal Warrior Rock
Wesley Plass Revenge A (with Tony Tape & Hannes Treiber) Rock
Chris Goulstone Smashed Rock
Jan Josef Cyrka Spirit of '77 (with Toby Bricheno)
Leon Murray Gaer Taste It (with Chad Wackerman) Rock
Ron Bumblefoot Thal Warrior
Marc Ferrari Run the Road (with Paul Taylor) Rock
Peter Joseph Northcote Petrolhead
Curtis Frederick Schwartz Metal Mania Rock
Custom - Hip-hop
Lil Kim The Jump Off Rap
J-Kwon Tipsy Rap
Twista Y'all Know Who Rap
Twista Get That Doe Rap
Twista Get Me Rap
Young L.O.R.D 50 60 75 Rap
Damian Valentine Pop Dat Clutch Composed soundtrack
Damian Valentine City of Angels Jazz Rap
Damian Valentine Gonna Go Composed soundtrack
Damian Valentine We Ridin Composed soundtrack
Sleepy Brown Dulley Wop Rap
Desert Mobb Speedway Rap
Twista Kill Us All Rap
Joachim Svare Let's Roll (with Hansen Carsten D. Lindberg & Alton Demarest Dixon & Achaia E. Dixon & Alfie Easkin Dixon & Kenya Nelson) Gangsta rap
Joachim Svare Break It Off (with Hansen Carsten D. Lindberg & Alton Demarest Dixon & Achaia E. Dixon & Alfie Easkin Dixon & Kenya Nelson) Rap
Robert N Daspit Hands Up (with Titus Udell Lewis) Rap
Joshua Anderson Tellin Lies (with Terrence Stith & Armik Armir Craft & Matthew Richard Harris & Gina Boweman) Neo-Soul
Joshua Anderson Thinkin About Ya (with Terrence Stith & Armik Armir Craft & Matthew Richard Harris) Rap
Damian Valentine All of My Life Composed soundtrack
Custom - Techno
DJ Rap Angel Dust D&B
DJ Rap Back To The Planet Electronica
DJ Rap Bulletproof D&B
DJ Rap Collision D&B
DJ Rap Insomniac Electronica
Phil Nicholas Hypnotic Electronica
Christian Allan Salyer Sonic Boy (with Jonathan Firstenberg & Eric Michael Klein) Composed soundtrack
Jan Josef Cyrka Speed Rush (with Toby Bricheno) Composed soundtrack
Damian Valentine Violate Electronica
Jennifer Bolton Real World Hardcore
Paul Shaw Gun Barrel Electronica
Paul Shaw Fast Lane Electronica
Chris Goulstone Extreme World Electronica
Jan Josef Cyrka Driller (with Toby Bricheno) Composed soundtrack