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Baja: Edge of Control

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Immigrant Experience Aiy Mijo
Immigrant Experience Aiy Papi
Marc Ferrari Burning Out (with George Adam Hamilton) Electronica
The View Comin' Down Rock
Reg Powell Desert Vision
The Exies Dose Rock
Boss Martians Don’t Want To See You Again Rock
Rise Against Drones Rock
Fuel Gone Rock
The Sandals Gypsy Moods Flamenco
Foreign Born Into Your Dream Rock
The Black Summer Crush I Want More Rock
Nathan Furst Lorena Folk
George Adam Hamilton Mechanical World Electronica
Immigrant Experience Morena
Say Anything People Like You are Why People Like Me Exist Rock
George Adam Hamilton Running From The Future Electronica
Systemec Sky Wind Metal
George Adam Hamilton Split Metal
M.O.P. Survival Rock
The Hives Tick Tick Boom Rock
Marc Ferrari Turn Blue (with Josh Kessler & Justin Raisen & Lewis Pesacov) Rock
George Adam Hamilton Suicide Mind Industrial
Hans Zimmer Hijack Composed soundtrack
George Adam Hamilton The Way You Feel
Custom - Unidentified
Somebodygame_id373 UI 03
Somebodygame_id373 PostRace02