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Amped 2

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Order from game files because I'm unable to run this game via emulator
Custom - Electronica
Lunatex 2012
Micronaut 12345678
Lunatex Abducted
Witchman After Midnight (vs Jammin Unit)
Eco-Hed AKA
BMC Attack
Sister Machine Gun Bang Bang (Fully Operational Mix)
Bagman Bosh (Gaijin Mix)
Chris C Boys Do
Sister Machine Gun Bring You Down
Sister Machine Gun Carbon Copy
Knightz of Bass Da M-Pire
Micronaut Dig This
Sister Machine Gun Down on Me
Lunatex Everybody
Micronaut Fly By
Afro-Mystik Future Tropic
Sister Machine Gun Got to Be
Micronaut Gravitation Redux
Micronaut Half Life
Micronaut Hi Gain
Micronaut Infinite Space
Afro-Mystik Inner Space Sonata
The Peripheral Visionaries Inner Space
Micronaut Ioncannon
Eco-Hed Kojack
Micronaut Log On
Bagman Mama
Sister Machine Gun Never
Skylab 2000 Night Train
Micronaut Northern Style Kung Fu (Drunken Master Remix)
Eco-Hed Panic in Needle Park
Afro-Mystik Polyrhythms
Micronaut Probe Droid
Micronaut Psychosis
Chris C Rise & Shine
Bagman Rock N Roll
Micronaut Send in the Clones Pt.2
Lunatex Shangri-la
DJ Dzzy Stained Glass
Micronaut Syncronizer Two
Bagman The Last Laugh
Chris C Tokyo Telefon
Subgenius Unphazed
Lunatex Witch Project
Custom - Emo
AM/FM A Best Man
Aloha A Hundred Stories
Spitalfield Am I Ready?
Time Spent Driving Angel and I
The Jazz June Antiquated
Park At Breakneck Speed
Time Spent Driving Balance
Sunday's Best Beethoven St.
Taking Back Sunday Bike Scene
Sunday's Best Brave but Brittle
The Jazz June Burned Out Bright
Yellowcard Cigarette
Park Clue Me In
Braid Collect from Clark Kent
Arraya Conspiracide
Park Cover Up
The Jazz June Day 7
Mock Orange Does it Show
Sunday's Best Don't Let It Fade