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Fast & Furious Showdown (game)

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Illuminati A Better Tomorrow Through Science and Violence Electronic Rock
DLFx Arctic Chill D&B
Darren Drew AxRmx (with Brian Reidinger) Electronic Rock
The Skeptics Buenas Noche Electronica
Back Up Promo Do It Over Again Latin
DLFx Double Agent Electronica
SpeakerHedz Draw A Line INST Electronica
DLFx East Meets West Dubstep
Darren Drew Faster (with Brian Burke Reidinger & Dana Everett & Ernest Jackson) Electronic Rock
Young Mennace Go Harder (with MaLLy & Brian Reidinger & Darren Drew) Rap
Young Mennace Heated Up (with Andrew Rollin Bergen & Cortland Davis & Drew J. Lerdal & Maria Isabelle Perez) Electronica
Darren Drew Higher (with Brian Burke Reidinger & Dana Lorenzo Everett & Daniel Brown) Electronica
Young Mennace I'm on Fya Rap
Impirio Les Roll (with Mazin & Edward Walker) Rap
Andrew Rollin Bergen Lookin' 4 Me (with Cortland Davis & Maria Isabelle Perez) Latin
SpeakerHedz Lookin' At You Electronica
N3XTST3P Man vs. Machine Dubstep
Impirio & Cru Out Of My Way Rap
Young Mennace Outta Control (with Cortland Davis & Drew J. Lerdal & Nancy Lauren Maya) Electronica
N3XTST3P Panorama Dubstep
Megha Maan Petal to the Metal (with Raemo & Anthony Shannon & Caleb Mitch) Rap
N3XTST3P Prelude in Dub Minor Dubstep
DLFx Sneak & Shoot Electronic Rock
Young Mennace Streetwise (feat. Tek B) Latin
Young Mennace Take It Off (feat. Tek B) Latin
Megha Maan The Heist (with RO) Rap
Young Mennace Vamos Rapido (with Andrew Rollin Bergen & Cortland Davis & Maria Isabelle Perez) Electronica
Young Mennace Victory Dancer (with Andrew Rollin Bergen & Cortland Davis & Maria Isabelle Perez) Electronica
Hogni Who's Gonna Save You Now? Rock
Tego Calderon El Que Sabe Sabe (Colabore) Latin
Tego Calderon Al Grano Latin
Tego Calderon Supongo Latin