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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

All stuff in group August 2023 was found in beta files and is ordered according to the files order.

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Country Band Song Genre
August 2023 Beta - All
August 2023 Beta - Hip Hop Planet
Mayr Make It Out Hip Hop
Spank Smoke Sumthin Gangsta
DLP Up In the Air Electronica
Lee Richardson I'm Out For Blood (feat. Raxstar) (with Jonathan Murrill and Tom Ford and James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza) Rapcore
Hunnit The Homiez (with Deddrionne W. Morgan and Ade Rain Chang-Nugent and Kevin John Risto) Gangsta
The Midi Mafia Legends (feat. Chel Strong and Maxton Waller) Alternative Rap
Arkitek Mrj Sound Like West Coast Hip Hop
Chel Strong Buff (with Adam Wesley Hayman) Alternative Rap
Azteca X Pick Up Dreams Hip Hop
Friends of the Friendless Call it a Day West Coast Rap
Quise.B Bounce Trap
Classik Dope Boy (feat. Kidd Marley) West Coast Hip Hop
Spank Kill Sumthin West Coast Rap
Rocky Jay Seen It All Chill Hip Hop
20_2X Money on the Floor West Coast Rap
Hunnit If You Repping (with Deddrionne W. Morgan and Waynne Nugent) West Coast Rap
Lee Richardson Diamond (feat. Raxstar) (with Jonathan Murrill and Tom Ford and James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza) Rapcore
Shawn O'Thomas The Bigger The Boom (with John B. Miller) Old School Rap
Spank I Gotta Gun West Coast Rap
Hunnit Logic
Rocky Jay Summertime
Chel Strong When We Touch Down
Avatar Kamikaze
Avatar Open Book
McCall End of August
Avatar Gone with the Summer
Reggie Rojo Jr How Could I Not (with Derek F. Shaw)
Bruce Waynne Dollaz (with Ade Raing Chang-Nugent and Reggie Rojo)
The Midi Mafia I Hope You Hear Me (feat. Classik) (with Waynne Nugent and Ade Rain Chang-Nugent)
OHNO Tryna Eat (with Armando Castro and Sylvon Marshall and Troy Allen Marshall and Monte Chales Jackson)
Charles Darnell Gilbert Flip Like This (feat. Gullie Lamont) (with Ruben Rivera)
McCall Warrior
Glaswing I've Been Feeling So Good
Nu Alkemi$t Mega Haute
Lamont N. Duverne Came Here to Fight (with Charles Darnell Gilbert Knight)
Lil Red Sky They Want
Bruce Waynne Put Em Up (feat. Balance)
Shey Skeedy Keeper (with Ruben Rivera)
Deep Cut Always Be Number One (with Jones 2.0)
Joseph Allen Drayton Big League (with Yazid F. Britt and Phillip Andrew Cox)
Elijah Just Grindin
Chel Strong Giving Back
Joseph Allen Drayton Goat (with Phillip Andrew Cox and Yazid F. Britt and Daizohn Davis)
Jmpscr The Upkeep
Adam Wesley Hayman Slow Motion (with Deddrionne W. Morgan)
McCall Non Stop
Lil Red Sky Fall Again
Spank Take Flight
Arkitek Mrj Oh My Gosh
Avatar Layup
Lamont N. Duverne Bye Boo (with Charles Darnell Gilbert Knight)
McCall Anti Hero
Destiny Helena Hoke Buss It (with Michael-Allen Harrison and Phillip Andrew Cox)
Elijah X&O's
Mayr Juice
Adam Wesley Hayman All Star (with Derek F. Shaw)
Dr. Delight OMW
Adam Wesley Hayman Big Dawg (with Marquise Butcher)