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Hot Wheels AcceleRacers

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Ignition
Somebodygame_id494 Ignition - Soundtrack? Composed soundtrack
Custom - The Speed of Silence
Somebodygame_id494 Speed of Silence - Soundtrack? Composed soundtrack
Custom - Breaking Point
Somebodygame_id494 Breaking Point - Soundtrack? Composed soundtrack
Custom - The Ultimate Race
Somebodygame_id494 The Ultimate Race - Soundtrack? Composed soundtrack
Custom - Released OST
Eve 6 Acceleracers Theme (with Robbie Wyckoff) Rock
Jim Kaufman Drive Electronica
Cashis Clay Action Rap
Chris Holmes Anything But Down (Metal Maniacs) Rock
Mark Mrdeza Go Rock
Cashis Clay Accelorate (with Kelly Lee McCartney) Rap
Cliff Rigano Drag Racer (Metal Maniacs) (with John Taylor & Steven Taylor) Rock
Jim Kaufman Get To The Finish Line (Metal Maniacs) Rock
MAN-D Tearin' Up The Streets (with Kelly Lee McCartney) Rock
Kazzer Pedal to the Metal Rap Rock
Christopher Lawrence Hot Rod Electronica
Nonpoint Circles Metal
Eve 6 Open Road Song Rock