Rallisport Challenge (2002)

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - In both games
Foetus Quick Fix Rock
Custom - Rallisport Challenge 2002
Soundmine Back Up Electronica
Soundmine Cold Fission Electronica
Hardknox Come in Hard Electronica
Fear Factory Cyberdyne (Junkie XL Remix) Electronica
The Transmographist G-Force Electronica
Chuck E. Myers HiT iT! Electronica
Balls of Waxx Infrared Electronica
Frontside L.B.P. Electronica
Dub Pistols Kill the DJ Electronica
Tino Saiki Outta My Way Electronic Rock
AndRoyd Spellbinder Composed soundtrack
Chuck E. Myers SUiCiDE MaCHiNE Electronica
AndRoyd Tech-Head Composed soundtrack
AndRoyd RacerX Composed soundtrack