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August 2009 / December 2009 build have songs split into fragments to make "dynamic soundtrack", while retail version just uses a complete song played in a loop.

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
DJ Kentaro Harvest Dance Electronica
Two Fingers That Girl (feat. Sway) Rap
The Qemists Stompbox (Spor Remix) (Spor null) Electronic Rock
The Qemists On The Run (VIP Mix) D&B
The Qemists S.W.A.G. Electronic Rock
The Qemists Let There Be Light Electronica
The Qemists Dem Na Like Me (VIP Mix) Electronic Rock
Coldcut Atomic Moog (The Qemists Remix) Electronica
Coldcut Everythin is Under Control (DJ Kentaro Remix) D&B
Pest Delucid Electronica
Pest Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix) Electronica
Hexstatic Red Laser Beam Electronic Rock
Spank Rock Bump (Best Fwends Remix) Electronica
Daedelus Make It So (XXXchange Remix) Electronica
The Herbaliser Gadget Funk Trip Hop
Thunderheist Nothing2Step2 (Trevor Loveys Remix) Electronica
The Heavy Coleen (Rhythm Beater Remix) D&B
Zero dB Te Quiero (ATFC Remix) Electronica
Jacknife Lee That's What It Is Composed soundtrack
Jacknife Lee Welcome Back Composed soundtrack
Jacknife Lee In My Cage Composed soundtrack
Jacknife Lee Beeping Alert Composed soundtrack
Jacknife Lee Multiplayer Menu Music Composed soundtrack
Jacknife Lee Multiplayer Demo Composed soundtrack
The Crystal Method Smile Electronica
The Crystal Method Double Down Under Electronica
The Crystal Method Finish Line Electronica
The Crystal Method Starting Line Electronica
Somebodygame_id86 Menu 01 Electronica
Somebodygame_id86 Menu 02 Electronica
Somebodygame_id86 One-vs-One Electronica
Somebodygame_id86 Destruction Mode Electronica
Jacknife Lee Tin Drums Electronica
Custom - Credits
Ennio Morricone L'Estasi Dell'Oro (Bandini Remix) Electronica
Custom - Trailers (only)
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion Rock
Gary Numan Cars Synthpop
Custom - Java ME / Android
Somebodygame_id86 Theme Song Java MIDI
Somebodygame_id86 Track 1 MIDI
Somebodygame_id86 Track 2 MIDI
Somebodygame_id86 Track 3 MIDI
Somebodygame_id86 Track 4 MIDI
Andy Gibson Blur Overdrive Theme Dubstep
Custom - Others
Somebodygame_id86 Debug PS3 Music Composed soundtrack
Hexstatic Freak Me Electronica
The Qemists Lost Weekend (feat. Mike Patton) Electronic Rock
Custom - Beta
Somebodygame_id86 Theme1 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme2 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme3 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme4 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme5 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme6 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme7 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme8 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Theme9 Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id86 Boss Music Composed soundtrack
December 2009 Build - All
December 2009 Build - December 2009 Build
Coldcut Atomic Moog (The Qemists Remix) Electronica