NFS Zeal

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Not Racing Playlist
Nazzy Dinero We Are The Champions
Zachary Aaron Golden Own This (with Albert Joo)
Trubilll Rico Reed Count On Me Trap
UPM Hush Little Baby
UPM Let Em Know
Ty Frankel Got It Trap
Nathan Bodiker Whole Lotta Ice (with Eric Anthony Forcen and Joshuah Hampton and Sammy Haig) Trap
Custom - Racing Playlist
Mr Free Don't Hesitate
Tre Wright To The Bank Trap
Kick Ass Queens No ???
Daniel Marantz Gotta Be The Best (with Charlie Kaye) Rap
Derek Minor Who Gon Stop Us Trap
Danielle Alisa Poppitt Do What I Want (with Dustin Earl Brown and Earl Mac Brown Jr)
S.O Freedom Is Ours
Alok Kill Me Electronica
Denzel Curry Shawshank (feat. Tate Kobang) Trap