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Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Alps
Adam Freeland Flurohorns Electronic Rock
Adam Freeland Morodish Electronic Rock
Adam Freeland Grrrrrr! Electronica
Test Icicles What's Your Damage (Digitalism Remix) Electronica
Moguai Get On Electronica
16 Bit Lolitas Acidecine Electronica
Custom - Tokyo
Adam Freeland Hommeage Electronica
Adam Freeland Never Ever Enough Electronic Rock
Adam Freeland Shinjuku Socks Electronica
Victory Pill Downfall Industrial
Queens of the Stone Age Go With The Flow Hard Rock
Alex Metric What She Wants Electronica
Custom - London
Adam Freeland Blocks Electronica
Adam Freeland Futcant Electronica
DJ Rap Drummin' & Bassin' D&B
The Prodigy Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) Electronic Rock
K-Swing This Is The Sound (Adam Freeland Remix) Electronica
TC Jump (with Distorted Mind) D&B
Custom - Paris
Evil 9 For Lovers Not Fighters Electronica
Evil 9 Restless Electronica
Custom - Rome
Adam Freeland Spin Machine Electronic Rock
Adam Freeland E-Drone Pt. 1 Electronica
Adam Freeland Monza Electronica
Adam Freeland Glowstick Dance
Alex Dolby Hazy Way (Evil Nine Remix) Electronica
D. Ramirez Pleasure Me (Instrumental Remix) Electro House
Custom - San Francisco
Adam Freeland Sg Rei Electronica
Adam Freeland Neu! Rave Electronic Rock
Colette Hypnotized (Angel Alanis Remix) Dance
Custom - Sydney
Adam Freeland YesYesYesYes! Electronica
Wolfmother Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix) Electronica
Custom - Main menu (only)
MusicDoctorz Hit Da Flo Composed soundtrack
MusicDoctorz Mobb Wit It Composed soundtrack
MusicDoctorz Open Sees Composed soundtrack
MusicDoctorz Pretty Boy Composed soundtrack
MusicDoctorz Students Of? Composed soundtrack
MusicDoctorz Menu Theme 6 Composed soundtrack
Custom - Other
Adam Freeland Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix) Alt-dance
Adam Freeland Mind Killer (Origins Unknown Remix) D&B
Adam Freeland Whassisface Rock
James Mowbray Time Fades Away (with D.Ramirez) Electronica
Somebodygame_id236 XMB Theme Composed soundtrack
Custom - Java Mobile
Somebodygame_id236 Menu Music Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id236 Race Music Composed soundtrack
Custom - Nintendo DS
Adam Freeland Mind Killer (STRM_MENU_BGM) Electronica
Adam Freeland STRM_GARAGE_BGM Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0000 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0001 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0002 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0003 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0004 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0005 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0006 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0007 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0008 Composed soundtrack
Adam Freeland NTR-YJ2E-USA-0009 Composed soundtrack
Custom - Trailers (only)
Timbaland Throw It On Me (feat. The Hives) Rap