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WWE Crush Hour

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Licensed songs being used in intro / victories
Motorhead The Game Composed soundtrack
Owen Hunte U Look Fly Today
Jim Johnston No Chance In Hell
Jim Johnston Medal
Jim Johnston Burned
Jim Johnston You Think You Know Me
Jim Johnston Break the Walls Down
Our Lady Peace Whatever
Jim Johnston Next Big Thing
Jim Johnston Regality
Jim Johnston I Won't Do What You Tell Me
Saliva Turn The Tables
Jim Johnston It Just Feels Right
Jim Johnston All Grown Up
Jim Johnston Matt Hardy Unused Theme
Jim Johnston WWE: Protection (The APA)
Jim Johnston Early Sprach
Breaking Point One Of A Kind
Jim Johnston It’s a New World (nWo)
Jim Johnston If You Smell
Jim Johnston This is a Test
Jim Johnston Dead Man (Undertaker)
Jim Johnston Big
Jim Johnston You Look So Good to Me (Billy & Chuck)
Jim Johnston Can You Dig It, Sucka?!
Jim Johnston Bradshaw
Jim Johnston We're Coming Down
Jim Johnston Rabid
Jim Johnston At Last
Jim Johnston Eyes of Righteousness
Jim Johnston Voodoo Side Of Life
Custom - Ripped Soundtrack
Motorhead The Game Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id589 Big Show Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Big Show Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Billy Gunn Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Billy Gunn Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Booker T Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Booker T Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Bradshaw Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Bradshaw Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Brock Lesnar Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Brock Lesnar Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Bubba Ray Dudley Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Bubba Ray Dudley Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Chris Benoit Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Chris Benoit Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Chris Jericho Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Chris Jericho Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Christian Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Christian Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Chuck Palumbo Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Chuck Palumbo Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Credits
Somebodygame_id589 D-Von Dudley Intro
Somebodygame_id589 D-Von Dudley Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Edge Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Edge Victory
Somebodygame_id589 HHH Intro
Somebodygame_id589 HHH Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Hollywood Hulk Hogan Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Hollywood Hulk Hogan Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Jeff Hardy Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Jeff Hardy Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Kane Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Kane Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Kevin Nash Intro
Somebodygame_id589 Kevin Nash Victory
Somebodygame_id589 Kurt Angle Intro