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MotoGP 3 (THQ)

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - PC/Xbox (listed as in credits)
Zico Chain Preach Rock
Baseborn Apologies Rock
Hi-Jera Ten Thousand Eyes Rock
Shawn Hargreaves Psynn 2 Rock
Logo Radio Rock
Sensha and Snare Be with you Electronica
And a Thousand Elephants Over Me Rock
Another Day Lost Use Da Slicks (with Keith Clarke) Rock
Catch 2 Thinker Electronica
Sensha and Snare Deeper and Deeper Electronica
Alex Metric Metro Electronica
Sensha and Snare Kenetix Electronica
Hipshott All She Said Rock
The Group Dynamic Thought For The Day Electronica
Sensha and Snare Tripitaka's Theme Electronic Rock
Alex Metric Monkey Disco Electronica
Steve Collett Strange Symbol Electronica
Shawn Hargreaves Dubadebedoom Electronica
U-ON Geisha Rerun Electronica
White Noise Mr Green Rock
Custom - Java
Somebodygame_id346 Loop MIDI