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Jected Rivals (Stuntfest)

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - There is no real order due to the fact of this game rebranding and since game seems to have few possible places to play music and no in-game music list as far as I have seen
Custom - Added after game renamed to Jected Rivals (only)
Desmond Copeland Hurricane (with Charlie Cosmic and Daniel LaRusso) Trap
Wayne Anthony Murray Give Me Electricity (with Elmore King) Rock
Hallway Swimmers Twisted Love Electronica
Wayne Anthony Murray Gone Baby (with Elmore King) Rock
Matthew Michael Verzola Victory Lap ???
Mitchell Ray Marlow Smash (with Joshua Trey Collins) Rock
Eric Rene Starczan Drowning in the Sun (with Jennifer Gerette Jordan) Rock
Oliver William Thomas Kilpatrick High Voltage D&B
Richard John Salter Holding On D&B
Jack Douglas Mackmersh Carnage Electronica
Aidan Patrick Augustine Lavelle Bass Bomb Electronica
SATV Music Do You Feel It Now ???
Kabes Club Lighting Show Electronica
Dain Luscombe Blazing Smack Attack ???
Sr Ortegon Poderosa Latin
Christian Alan Jones Bell Pepper Electronica
Vermair Super Power Electronica
Kabes Final Stand Electronica
Takeru Yoda Change Your Self (with Weilun Chen) Rock
Louis Martin Jacques Roger Horhan Runaway (with Quentin Marie Pierre Travade) Electronica
Jordan Milnes Aftershock (with Steven Richard Bodsworth) ???
Keiran Merrick Bomba Latin
Vermair Automania Electronica
Hara Tomoya Dear Friend (with Weilun Chen) Rock
Daniel James Bierton Basshunter (with Richard Hart Lowe) Electronica
Sr Ortegon Rumba EDM ???
George Hamilton Call it Quits (Full Mix) Rock
Evan Gregory Wagenseller Antifreeze Electronica
Sr Ortegon Moombahton (with Mansang) Trap
Kabes Fall Down but Get Up Electronica
Custom - In both Stuntfest and Jected Rivals
Alf Hanley On My Way (with Peo Haggstrom) Trap
Bernard James II Perry We Are Electric (with John August Pregler) ???
Boris Popov Aftergold ???
Boris Popov Cybernetic Anthem ???
Boris Popov Driving Through the Grid ???
Ty Noam Frankel Beast Mode (with Chris Harris) Rap
Ty Noam Frankel Game Face On (with Chris Harris) Rap
Dain Luscombe I'm Feelin' Ya ???
Daniel Lobel Mean Girl Bass (feat. Patty Monroe) ???
DJ Puzzle Synth Driver ???
Christopher Dececio Concrete Jungle (with Eddie Marston) Trap
Edward Everitt Scaling a Universe ???
Gary Router One Decade Early ???
Gemini Klonez Acid Stomper ???
Gemini Klonez Open ???
Gemini Klonez Parallels ???
Gemini Klonez Rebel ???
James Warburton Under an Endless Sky (with Alex Thomas) ???
Jennings This Way ???
Jorden Milnes Carbonite (with Sue Milnes) Rock
Kabes Flying Higher ???
Kabes Radiance Effect D&B
Ty Noam Frankel Go Mad (with Ty Frankel and Nitai Boschma) ???
Loic Desplanques Steam Computing ???
Marcel Bolano Ooh la La ???
Alf Hanley Hey Yo (with Peo Haggstrom) Trap
Quentin Travade Beyond (with Louis Horhan) ???
Quentin Travade Under Control (with Louis Horhan) ???
Richard Salter You Keep Running Away D&B