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Archive of today's songs

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Date Band Song Game
2024-07-21 Noah Smith Indestructible Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
2024-07-20 Yuki Oike Globe Gran Turismo 6
2024-07-19 Waterflame Jungle Jives Hotshot Racing
2024-07-18 Tilman Sillescu High Threshold For Pain (with Chris William Woods and Scott P. Schreer) Alarm fur Cobra 11 Highway Nights
2024-07-17 Mark Willott Manzi Smash GRID Legends
2024-07-16 Eric Nofsinger You've Unlocked Veronica Voltage's Set LEGO Racers (1999)
2024-07-15 Martin Schjøler Menu Song Championship Motocross 2001 Featuring Ricky Carmichael
2024-07-14 Entropy Zero The Edge (feat. Jay Ray) Demolition Derby
2024-07-13 Oxygen (Purgen) Pain of Underground Adrenalin: Extreme Show
2024-07-12 Lenny Ibizarre Air for the G String BWV1068 (Lenny Ibizarre Big Air Beat Groove Mix) Gran Turismo 7
2024-07-11 Barry Leitch Night San Francisco 2049
2024-07-10 Keoki Caterpillar (Crystal Method Remix) Supercar Street Challenge
2024-07-09 MyG If It's In the Game Amped 2
2024-07-08 Richard Aitken Gan Juan Map Theme Test Drive Unlimited
2024-07-07 Deedrah Land of Freedom Space Haste 2001
2024-07-06 aM Stepping Inside With Outside Gran Turismo Mobile (PSP)
2024-07-05 Junkie XL Def Beat Need for Speed Road Challenge/High Stakes
2024-07-04 Orbital P.E.T.R.O.L. (Wipeout mix) Wipeout
2024-07-03 Ian Kelosky Baku Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
2024-07-02 Kim Derome Menu Soundtrack 2 Asphalt Streetstorm
2024-07-01 Ministry Stigmata (Remix) Tony Hawk's Project 8
2024-06-30 Morphadron R U Ready Need for Speed Porsche 2000/Porsche Unleashed
2024-06-29 Chris Blackwell Zombiehunt World Of Speed
2024-06-28 Gavin Parker Breathless (with Marshall Parker) Test Drive Unlimited
2024-06-27 Petri Alanko Optima Trials Fusion
2024-06-26 Red Fang Prehistoric Dog Need for Speed The Run
2024-06-25 S-Type Whirlwind Need for Speed Heat
2024-06-24 Somebodygame_id698 DarkMaster Master Rallye
2024-06-23 Overseer Basstrap Stuntman (2002)
2024-06-22 The Casualties Unknown Soldier Tony Hawk's Underground 2
2024-06-21 Gavin Parker Sunshower (with Marshall Parker) Test Drive Unlimited