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Gran Turismo

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Both PAL and NTSC
Garbage As Heaven is Wide Alternative Rock
Ash Lose Control Garage Rock
Cubanate Oxyacetylene Electro-Industrial
Cubanate Skeletal Electro-Industrial
Cubanate Autonomy Electro-Industrial
Cubanate Industry Electro-Industrial
Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers Remix) Electronica
Custom - PAL (only)
Feeder Sweet 16 Grunge
Feeder Chicken on a Bone Grunge
Feeder Shade Grunge
Feeder Tangerine Alternative Metal
Custom - NTSC (only)
TMF 5 Miles High D&B
Custom - The Sound of Gran Turismo (only)
David Bowie Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Art Rock, New wave
Blur Chinese Bombs Alternative Rock
Placebo Bruise Pristine Alternative Rock
Terrorvision Conspiracy (Hexidecimal 7") Industrial
Fluke Atom Bomb Breakbeat
Mansun Wide Open Space Britpop
The Dandy Warhols Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth Alternative Rock
Idlewild A Film For The Future Grunge
Supergrass Richard III Britpop
Bentley Rhythm Ace Whoosh Big beat
Philadelphia Bluntz Sister Sister (Full Vocal Length) Breakbeat
Radiator Resistor (Full Length Version) Electronic Rock
Custom - Japanese version (only)
Masahiro Andoh Original Game Soundtrack (with Isamu Ohira) Composed soundtrack
Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle Composed soundtrack
Masahiro Andoh Kiss You Good-bye Rock
Masahiro Andoh Like The Wind Chillout
Masahiro Andoh Get Closer Rock
Masahiro Andoh Freedom To Win Synthpop
Masahiro Andoh Nobody Rock
Masahiro Andoh More Than Loving Synthpop
Masahiro Andoh Going to Extremes Funk
Masahiro Andoh A Man of The World Funk
Masahiro Andoh Green Monster Rock
Masahiro Andoh Second Chance Composed soundtrack
Masahiro Andoh Like The Wind (Vocal Version) Funk
Isamu Ohira Toward The G.T. Funk
Isamu Ohira The Motorious City Funk
Isamu Ohira Joy of Garage Funk
Isamu Ohira Take Your Dream On Funk
Isamu Ohira Turning Point Funk
Isamu Ohira Mr. 4WD Funk
Isamu Ohira Beat The Corner Rock
Isamu Ohira Final Lap Funk
Isamu Ohira The Drift of Air Funk
Custom - Others