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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Machines Wielding Weapons Bonesore Rock
Shaper With Dk9 edit Electronica
Keiron Pepper Soupdragon Electronica
Machines Wielding Weapons Flashback Rock
Witchman Death or Glory Rock
Witchman Black Monday Electronica
Witchman Blok Rok War Electronic Rock
Witchman Deliverance Electronica
Witchman Last Man Standing (feat. Marz) Industrial
Witchman Last Man Standing (feat. Marz) (Bitstream Dream remix) Industrial
Witchman No U Turn Industrial
Witchman Petrolhead (feat. Marz) Industrial
Witchman Petrolhead (Bitstream Dream remix) Electronica
Witchman Point Of No Return (feat. Marz) Industrial
Witchman Predator or Prey Electronica
Witchman Warlord Electronica
Witchman Zero to Hero Industrial
Bitstream Dream Asphalt Assassin Electronica
Bitstream Dream Fully Automatic Industrial
Bitstream Dream Messij Lost Techno
Bitstream Dream Scavenger Electronica
Bitstream Dream Supercrazy Electronica
Bitstream Dream Warrior of the Wasteland Electronica
Bitstream Dream Burning World (vs. Beauty's Confusion) Electronica
Bitstream Dream Diesel and Destruction (vs. Tod Law) Electronica
Witchman Dieselhead (feat. Marz) (vs. Bitstream Dream) Electronica
Bitstream Dream Road to Kill Rock
Custom - Other
Dom and Roland Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy Kaos & Karl K Remix) D&B