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Downhill Domination

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - PS2 (listed as in credits)
Brian Setzer 8-Track Rockabilly
Propellerheads Bang On! Big beat
Freezepop Bike Thief (Schnellspanner Remix) Electronica, Electropop
Cirrus Breakbeat Suckers Breakbeat
Southern Culture on the Skids The Corn Rocket Southern Rock
TobyMac Extreme Days Rapcore, Christian Rock
Drumattic Twins Feelin' Kinda Strange Breakbeat
Andy Hunter Go Trance
James Brown I Got You (I Feel Good) (Digital Johnson Remix) Electronica
Death by Stereo Let Down and Alone Hardcore Punk
The Black Eyed Peas Let's Get Retarded Rap Rock
Run-D.M.C. Mary Mary Hip-Hop, Rap Rock
Kazzer Pedal to the Metal Rap Rock
Slipknot (sic) Nu Metal
Dragpipe Simple Minded Alternative Metal
Cinder Soul Creation Nu Metal
The Donnas Take It Off Hard Rock
Morphine Thursday Alternative Rock, Jazz-Rock
The Herbaliser Time 2 Build (feat. Blade) Hip-Hop
Saliva Your Disease Nu Metal, Rap Metal
Custom - Composed soundtrack
Chuck E. Myers In Traction Rock
Chuck E. Myers Listen Up Rock
Chuck E. Myers Here We Go Rock
Chuck E. Myers Knight Rider Electronica
Chuck E. Myers Do You Wanna Fly? Electronica
Chuck E. Myers You'll See Rock
Chuck E. Myers Feel The Rage Industrial
Chuck E. Myers Survive Electronic Rock
Chuck E. Myers CityScape Electronica
Chuck E. Myers To the Hill Rap
Chuck E. Myers God Like Industrial
Chuck E. Myers End of The Line Rock
Chuck E. Myers Fracture Rock
Chuck E. Myers Scream and Shout Rock
Chuck E. Myers Double G Electronic Rock
Chuck E. Myers Wild Ride Rock
Chuck E. Myers Wannabe Electronic Rock
Chuck E. Myers AAAH! Rock
Chuck E. Myers Railskinner D&B
Chuck E. Myers I'm The Winna Rap
Custom - Menu themes
Somebodygame_id399 Menu 01 Electronica
Somebodygame_id399 Menu 02 Electronica
Somebodygame_id399 Menu 03 Rock
Custom - No list mode (only)
Somebodygame_id399 Song 1 Rock
Somebodygame_id399 Song 2 Industrial
Somebodygame_id399 Song 3 Electronic Rock
Somebodygame_id399 Song 4 Electronic Rock
Somebodygame_id399 Song 5 Rock
Somebodygame_id399 Song 6 Rock
Somebodygame_id399 Song 7 Electronica
Somebodygame_id399 Song 8 Rock