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Harley-Davidson: Race to the Rally

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George ThorogoodMove It On OverRock
PoisonRide the WindRock
Great WhiteRock MeRock
Billy SquierThe StrokeRock
HeartMagic ManRock
Blacksmith to AsylumIronhead
Alan DarbyBoogie RockerRock
Terry Devine-KingChase the GrooveRock
Ross HardyDynamiteRock
David HubbardEliminatorRock
David HubbardThe FinalistsRock
Terry Devine-KingFireRock
Michael CozziFire RoadRock
Ross HardyGet Your Kicks (with Brian White)Rock
Ross HardyMillion Miles (with Brian White)Rock
Colin KiddySpeed LoverRock
Steve ByrdOn the Wild Side (with Andy Hamilton)Rock
Alan DarbyTexas RockerRock
Ross HardyReckless (with Brian White)Rock
Alan DarbyRoadhouseRock
Elfed HayesSleeping Dogs (with Trevor Hayes)Rock
Ross HardyRock Hits (with Brian White)Rock
Alan DarbyRock LegendRock
HowieRock On Roll UpRock
Ross HardyRound We Go (with Brian White)Rock
Justin MyersScaling The Heights (with Hywel Maggs)Rock
Ross HardyScorchedRock
HowieSense LessRock
Justin MyersShowdown In The Furnace (with Hywel Maggs)Rock
Custom - Unused? Found in game files
Ross HardyRock Box (with Brian White)Rock
Custom - Used only in videos?
Simon StewartBlood Sweat & TearsRock
Eddie JonesWoman ChaserRock
Eddie JonesPiledriverRock
Simon StewartNo BarriersRock