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WRC 10

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Somebodygame_id597Full OSTComposed soundtrack
BasketcaseBased On A Story (Instrumental)Pop
Mikey GeigerChili Chile (Instrumental)Electronica
FairlightDetour In Velour (Instrumental)Electronica
Empyreal GlowAcoustic Silence (Instrumental)Pop
Empyreal GlowAntigravity (Instrumental)Rock
Empyreal GlowOdds And Ends (Instrumental)Pop
Empyreal GlowTransference (Instrumental)Electronica
EnderSpheres (Instrumental)Electronica
Ghost BeatzAlways Tired (Instrumental)Trap
Tru GenesisLights Out (Instrumental)Electronica, Ambient
Midnight DaydreamAsk Me Again SometimeTrap
Mikey GeigerCalifornia Cruisin (Instrumental)Electronica
Mikey GeigerInspired Iguana (Instrumental)Electronica
Mikey GeigerPanko Breaded Pork Chops (Instrumental)Electronica
OboyAway (Instrumental)Electronica
PalaDetermination (Instrumental)Electronica
PalaSky High DronesElectronica
PalaSpace Needle Sky DiveElectronica
PalaStay HopefulElectronica
Third AgePerfect Spades (Instrumental)Trap
FallsRunner (Instrumental)Electronica, Ambient
Simple ThievesOvertime (Instrumental)Electronica
SOLOWasting My Time (Instrumental)Rock
Tide ElectricHere With Me (Instrumental)Electronica
Tru GenesisLoyalty (Instrumental)Trap
Wild SkyCoastline DreamPop