Monster Jam Urban Assault

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Licensed
Shame Club Transamerica Rock
Halfway To Gone Turnpike Rock
Dozer Drawing Dead Rock
Brain Police The Baron Rock
Brain Police Thunderbird Rock
Hackman Packed Bat Rock
Novadriver Bury Me Alive Rock
Mos Generator Silver Olympus Rock
Five Horse Johnson Mississippi King Rock
Roadsaw Buried Alive Rock
Custom - Not licensed
Finn Robertson Thirteen and Over Composed soundtrack
Finn Robertson The Nine Composed soundtrack
Laschmanstanding The Last Three Composed soundtrack
Finn Robertson Only One Composed soundtrack
Finn Robertson Fourteen Years Composed soundtrack
Laschmanstanding Drive Real Fast Composed soundtrack
Laschmanstanding Drive Fast and Fade Away Composed soundtrack
Finn Robertson Double Twelve Composed soundtrack
Laschmanstanding Clean Up Duh Hood Edit Composed soundtrack
Laschmanstanding You Win Some You Lose Some Composed soundtrack