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Marc Ferrari Tear Me Down (with George Adam Hamilton)
Yann Paccalin I Can You Can (with Pierre Jean Rivas) Composed soundtrack
Simon Painter Rampy Ride (with Ian Clarke) Composed soundtrack
Danny Mccarthy Like This
Rob Khurana High Voltage Dubstep
Skinny Williams Bot Lounge (with Chris Penny)
Rob Khurana Back to the Top
Frederic Vitani High Frequency Training (with JC Lemay)
Dom Kane Bass Driver
Rodolphe Perroquin Hit The Track (with Sylvain Lux) Composed soundtrack
Flavio Lemelle Daredevil Composed soundtrack
Skinny Williams Elastic Circuits (with Chris Penny) Composed soundtrack
Clifford Simms Rising Passion (with Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey)
Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey Embrace (with Clifford Simms) Composed soundtrack
Skinny Williams He Fly Boy (with Kristopher Flagg) Composed soundtrack
Skinny Williams Muscle Hover Car (with Timothy Kvasnosky)
Martin Webb Break It Race It (with Roger Dexter & Steve Gold) Composed soundtrack
Jack David Elliot Fist Full of Power
Rodolphe Perroquin Drifting Team (with Sylvain Lux) Composed soundtrack
Skinny Williams Secret Societies (with Ruben Ayala) Composed soundtrack
Yann Paccalin Brake Horsepower (with Jorge Calviño Pedreira)
Tom Kane Cyber Race (with Colin Nicholas Baldry)
Steve Skinner Melt My Brain (with Emanuel Kallins)