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Gran Turismo 4

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Masahiro Andoh Moon Over The Castle (Orchestral Version) Composed soundtrack
Van Halen Panama Hard Rock
James Brown (Call Me) Super Bad Parts 1 & 2 & 3 (Gran Turismo 4 Remix) Funk
Earth Wind and Fire Getaway (Gran Turismo 4 Pop Rox Remix) Funk
Jeff Beck Hot Rod Honeymoon Electronic Rock, Instrumental Rock
Jimmy Eat World Nothing Wrong Alternative Rock
Judas Priest Freewheel Burning Heavy Metal
Apollo 440 Start The Car Electronic Rock
Apollo 440 Hold The Brakes Electronic Rock
Deepsky Real Dream Progressive House
Papa Roach Getting Away With... (Gran Turismo 4 Vrenna/Walsh Remix) Alternative Metal
Less Than Jake Short Fuse Burning Ska Punk
Joe Satriani Summer Song Instrumental Rock
Borialis Don't Mean a Thing Rapcore
Arlo Runaround Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Yello Oh Yeah New wave, Electronic
Chronic Future Apology for Non Symmetry Rap Rock, Alternative Rock
The Crystal Method Born Too Slow (Deepsky's Green Absinthe Dub Mix) Electronica, Big beat
Dirty Americans Car Crash Hard Rock
Bootsy and Friends D-Greasy Rides (feat. D-Greasy & Bino) Rap
Rock n Roll Soldiers Funny Little Feeling Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
Gez Dewar Gameplan Breakbeat
The Roots I Don't Care Rap
The Donnas I Don't Want To Know Hard Rock
Will.i.am It Don't Mean Nothing Rap
Will.i.am Drop On You Rap
Bootsy and Friends Let's Roll Rap
The Commodores Machine Gun (Gran Turismo 4 Remix) Funk
Dieselboy + Kaos Nitro D&B
Papa Roach Not Listening Alternative Metal
X-Ecutioners Ready To Rock Electronica, Turntablism
Wylde Bunch Rockstar Rap
Jet Rollover DJ Alternative Rock, Garage Rock
A. Skillz Slip and Slide Electronica
The Blasters So Long Baby Goodbye Roots Rock
A. Skillz Till The Break Electronica
Stratus You Must Follow D&B
The Antidote Bullet Trance
Hallucinogen Bubble 'n Tweak Trance
Etnica Checker Flag Trance
Koxbox Inside Every Man Trance
Synthetic Moon Over The Castle (Short) Electronica
Synthetic Moon Over The Castle (Long) Electronica
Daiki Kasho It's All About You Rock
Daiki Kasho Soul Surfer Rock
Daiki Kasho Wicked Electronic Rock
Daiki Kasho What To Believe Rock
Daiki Kasho Good Days & Bad Days Rock
Daiki Kasho Break Down Rock
Daiki Kasho My Precious Rock
Franz Liszt Liebestraum III Classical music
Johann Sebastian Bach Air on the G String Classical music
Camille Saint-Saens Le Cygne Classical music