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Supercross 2000

PS1 game version has 2 options: Menu Audio and In-game Audio. Both allow to switch between Random Music, Off and select specific song to play. In-game Audio also contains option "Play-by-Play" but I'm not sure what this is about. Audio files are in Music.MVG file and it can be opened and extracted using PSound201. N64 game version has 2 options: Menu Audio and In-game Audio. Menu Audio can be only set to Off or Random Music. In-game Audio can be only set to Off, Play-by-Play or Random Music. No possibility to select song. I didn't try to RIP audio from N64 version.

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Country Band Song Genre
PS1/N64 - All
PS1/N64 - Menu/In-game Audio
MxPx The Next Big Thing Rock
Pulley Over It Rock
40 Watt Domain Bubble Rock MUSIC_0001
The Living End Prisoner of Society Rock
The Living End I Want A Day Rock
All Perfection Rock
Jerry Martin Throttle Up Composed soundtrack MUSIC_0007
Jerry Martin Pancake Whip Composed soundtrack MUSIC_0008
Jerry Martin Razor Composed soundtrack MUSIC_0009
Jerry Martin Holeshot Composed soundtrack MUSIC_0000
Trailers - All
Trailers - Trailers
MxPx Under Lock And Key