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Disney Speedstorm

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Somebodygame_id785 Speedstorm
Somebodygame_id785 Starter Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 Welcome to the Crew
Somebodygame_id785 Test Track
Somebodygame_id785 Warm Up
Somebodygame_id785 Legendary Hero
Somebodygame_id785 It's a Long Way to the Top
Somebodygame_id785 Training Hard
Somebodygame_id785 Block Sprint
Somebodygame_id785 Cityscape
Somebodygame_id785 Under Construction
Somebodygame_id785 The Castle
Somebodygame_id785 Time for Tea
Somebodygame_id785 Main Hall
Somebodygame_id785 The West Wing
Somebodygame_id785 A Pirate's Life
Somebodygame_id785 Pirate Bay
Somebodygame_id785 Corsair Lair
Somebodygame_id785 Skull Cove
Somebodygame_id785 Kraken Port
Somebodygame_id785 The Silver Screen
Somebodygame_id785 Start of the Show
Somebodygame_id785 Monochrome Bounce
Somebodygame_id785 Safety Nets Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id785 Mount Olympus
Somebodygame_id785 Zeus's Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 Athena's Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 Demeter's Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 Ares Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 Hermes Circuit
Somebodygame_id785 The Great Wall
Somebodygame_id785 Stone Bend
Somebodygame_id785 Zen Gardens
Somebodygame_id785 Army Camp
Somebodygame_id785 Return to the Village
Somebodygame_id785 Jungle Ruins
Somebodygame_id785 Trail of Roots
Somebodygame_id785 Under the Jungle
Somebodygame_id785 Cascade Ride
Somebodygame_id785 Ancient Ruins
Somebodygame_id785 Toon Village
Somebodygame_id785 Cup Runners
Somebodygame_id785 Birdgeway
Somebodygame_id785 Tunnel Chase
Somebodygame_id785 Palm Forest
Somebodygame_id785 Arbee's Arena
Somebodygame_id785 Recursion
Somebodygame_id785 Error 404
Somebodygame_id785 Digital Abyss
Somebodygame_id785 Corrupted Packet
Somebodygame_id785 The Factory
Somebodygame_id785 Chasing Doors
Somebodygame_id785 The Himalayas
Somebodygame_id785 Scare Floor
Custom - Added in some update in April 2023
Somebodygame_id785 Mount Olympus Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id785 The Castle Racetrack D&B
Somebodygame_id785 The Silver Screen Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Somebodygame_id785 The Great Wall Racetrack Composed soundtrack
Custom - Trailers (only?)
Bob Thole Detonator (with Vincent Witte) ???
Nico Jonas Big Moves ???
Marc Ferrari Conquest Throwdown (with John K. Sands, Trevor Roy Lewallen and Dennis Ramone Gonzalez) ???
Fabien Langard Turbines (with Charles Caste-Ballereau) Electronica
Jeremy Noel William Abbott Rage to the Rhythm Electronica
Kyle Booth Thrift 'n' Drift
Custom - Beta
The Leighton Brothers Steamboat Bill
The Mouseketeers Mickey Mouse Club March
Cheryl Freeman The Gospel Truth I / Main Titles
Lilias White Zero To Hero
Angela Lansbury Beauty and The Beast
Richard White Gaston (with Jessie Corti)
Phil Harris Bare Necessities (with Bruce Reitherman)