Colin McRae DiRT

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Paul Bernard Jeffries Forever (with Big A & Luke Phillip) Electronica
Henry Pryce Jackman Stasis Electronica
Carsten Wegener Rough Road (with Timo Hohnholz) Rock
Chris Birkett Crystal Spear (with James Birkett & Robin Key) Rock
The Cherry Colas Live and Loud Rock
Bonesaw The Beast Electronic Rock
Bonesaw What's Inside? Electronica
Paul Borg Thoughts of You Indie Rock
Marvin Strait Like a Drug (with Galileo Seven & Dre Zagman) Rock
Richard Lewis Breakbeat Hustle Electronic Rock
Jay Price Electro Vendetta Electronica
Bret Levick Push (with Sven Spieker) Rock
Qi Yi Java Mobile Song Composed soundtrack