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Splashdown Rides Gone Wild

Order from in-game jukebox. Licensed soundtrack is enabled by default, while composed soundtrack is set to OFF. One song is called "Mystery Song" - Unlock in Warehouse. Game uses GENH format for music and SS2 for some short audio clips for characters.

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Country Band Song Genre
PS2 - All
PS2 - Jukebox
Audiovent Energy Rock 14 Audiovent - Energy.genh
Audiovent Gravity Rock
15 Audiovent - Gravity.genh
Boss Martians AMX Rock 16 Boss Martians - Amx.genh
The Donnas Who Invited You Rock 17 The Donnas - Who Invited You.genh
The Exies My Goddess Rock 18 The Exies - My Goddess.genh
In Flames Drifter Metal 19 In Flames - Drifter.genh
Juno Reactor Hotaka Industrial 20 Juno Reactor - Hotaka.genh
Kazzer Pedal to the Metal Rap Rock
21 Kazzer - Pedal to the Metal.genh
Soilwork Natural Born Chaos Metal 22 Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos.genh
Treble Charger Hundred Million Rock 23 Treble Charger - Hundred Million.genh
Dave Lowmiller Bermuda Blast
Dave Lowmiller Dino Dominion
Dave Lowmiller Polar Plunge
Dave Lowmiller Cannonball Cove
Dave Lowmiller Gold Rush Rapids
Dave Lowmiller Downtown Downpour
Dave Lowmiller Blackwater Castle
Dave Lowmiller Venetian Extreme
Dave Lowmiller Ancient King of Bling ???, Composed soundtrack
PS2 - Composed Soundtrack
Dave Lowmiller Main Menu 01 Main Menu.genh
Dave Lowmiller World Tour 1 02 World Tour 1.genh
Dave Lowmiller World Tour 2 03 World Tour 2.genh
Dave Lowmiller Bermuda Blast 05 Bermuda Blast 2.genh
Dave Lowmiller Dino Dominion 06 Dino Dominion.genh
Dave Lowmiller Polar Plunge 07 Polar Plunge.genh
Dave Lowmiller Cannonball Cove 08 Cannonball Cove.genh
Dave Lowmiller Gold Rush Rapids 09 Gold Rush Rapids.genh
Dave Lowmiller Downtown Downpour 10 Downtown Downpour.genh
Dave Lowmiller Blackwater Castle 11 Blackwater Castle.genh
Dave Lowmiller Venetian Extreme 12 Venetian Extreme.genh
Dave Lowmiller Ancient King of Bling ???, Composed soundtrack 13 Ancient King Of Bling.genh
Others / Trailers - All
Others / Trailers - Trailers
The Ramones California Sun
Others / Trailers - In-Game Trailers
Trapt Headstrong Rock MXCLIP_A000001BD