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The Crew 2

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Rock This
!!! Yadnus Rock
Virgil Howe 12 Bar Heart (with Kerim Gunes & Hirsch Ryness) Rock
Tame Impala Elephant Rock
7horse Answer the Bell Rock
Robin Loxley Keep the Faith Alive (with Jay Hawke) Rock
Garo Nahoulakian Modern Believer (with Bea Parks & Oliver Charles Horton & Nicholas David Robert Fowler) Rock
Hidden Cities Little Black Dress Rock
The Computers Love Triangles Hate Squares Rock
The Black Marble Selection Peace Of Mind Rock
Stephen Collins Come Back To You Rock
Street Joy Wrong Cloud Rock
The Bright Light Social Hour Ghost Dance Rock
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat The Devil's Tattoo Rock
Jonas Martin You're So Blues Rock
The Hundred In The Hands Dressed In Dresden Rock
Matthew Thomas Save My Soul (with Ryan William Keaton) Rock
Virgil Howe Take Me Outta Here (with Kerim Gunes & Hirsch Ryness) Rock
Sonic Graffiti Witch in My Heart Rock
Findlay Off & On Rock
The Right Ons Purple Neon Lights Rock
Louis Souyave This Town Rock
Billie Ray Fingers Tick Tick Boom (with Devin Hoffman & Courtney Jeanna Woolsey & Bruce Fingers) Rock
Dog Party Lost Control Rock
Derek Lewars Don’t You Know Rock
Delta Thieves Open Road Rock
KALEO No Good Rock
Beans and Fatback Bombshell Rock
Ben Standage Fortune Favours Indie Rock
Will May Red Cup Blue Cup Rock
The Black Keys Howlin' For You Rock
Airbourne Runnin' Wild Rock
Derek Lewars Come Around Rock
Josef Peters Boot Tapper (with James Aaron Combs) Rock
Bones Pretty Waste Rock
Huw Jones Let Me Go (with Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown & Lee John Gretton) Rock
Thee Oh Sees Contraption/Soul Desert Rock
Derek Lewars Shake It Out (with Michael Sims) Rock
Robin Loxley Ain't No Way (with Jay Hawke) Rock
Custom - Wild Step
Sagan Banzai Electronica
Hudson Mohawke Chimes (Gammer Re-Edit) Electronica
Nathan Rightnour Block Party (with Dan Edward Apke) Electronica
Diplo Waist Time (with Autoerotique) Electronica
Apashe Bad Queens Feat. Gabriella Hook Electronica
Billie Ray Fingers We Never Stop (with Bruce Fingers & Devin Jay Hofn & Aron Noah Forbes) Electronica
Party Favor Back Again Breakbeat
Gramatik War Of The Currents Dubstep
Nicholas Patrick Kingsley Clever Clogs Electronica