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Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - PC
Dunamus Ordinary Metal
Custom - West Coast
Somebodygame_id168 Unknown Name Rock
Pivit Middle Children Rock
Total Chaos What You Gonna Do Rock
Total Chaos Let It Roll Rock
Pivit Fingercuffs Rock
Custom - Glitter Oasis
The Kings of Nuthin' La Chupacabra Rock
The Kings of Nuthin' Where do We Go? Rock
13 Cats Jungle Man & Robot Girl Rock
The Briggs Face Off Rock
The Kings of Nuthin' Drive All Night Rock
Custom - Small Apple
Pivit Cyberchrist Punk Metal
SX-10 Pity Metal
Psychotic Youth Keeps You Running Alternative Rock
Pivit Redo Rock
Custom - Xbox
Bad Religion Punk Rock Song Rock
Bad Religion Empty Causes Rock
Bad Religion Hear It Rock
Bad Religion Inner Logic Rock
Bad Religion Ten in 2010 Rock
The Offspring Special Delivery Rock
The Offspring All I Want Rock
The Offspring Want You Bad Rock
The Offspring No Brakes Rock
Methods of Mayhem Who The Hell Cares Metal
Methods of Mayhem Crash Rap Metal
Brian Setzer Ignition Rock
Brian Setzer Hot Rod Girl Rock
Silverbullit Boom Boom Boogie Rock
Silverbullit King of the Line Rock
Silverbullit Raw Power Angel Rock