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Amped (2001)

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Order from in-game display of each "radio"
Somebodygame_id961 Ambient Composed soundtrack
Fury 66 Restraints
Custom - Electronic
Lunatex Kundalini Rising
Lunatex Epic Invasion
303Infinity Fear Factor Trance
303Infinity Winter Rain
Aaron Cole Bubble Gum Revolution
Aaron Cole Future Age of Leisure
Ink & Dagger The Fine Art of Original Sin
Insanity Void Heavy Tea
Insanity Void Mercy
Insanity Void Moves
Red Desert Sand Slave Amnesia
Red Desert Sand Slave Resin
Hyperviolet Blue Glitter
Hyperviolet Transpose
PH10 2600 Funkus
PH10 Corpuscle
PH10 Sci-Fidelity
Fusion 19 Fusion
Custom - Emo
The Jazz June The Scars to Prove It
Mock Orange The City Call
Yellowcard Something of Value
Yellowcard Trembling
By a Thread A Stale Goodbye
By a Thread Castle
By a Thread Crushed Beneath
By a Thread Fade
By a Thread January 25th
By a Thread Skin Deep
By a Thread Surface
By a Thread The World to Me
Gameface Balance
Gameface The Problem with Me
Time Spent Driving Glass Rose
Time Spent Driving Here With You
Hyperviolet Amped
The Anniversary Emma Discovery
The Anniversary Till We Earned a Holiday
The Anniversary Without Panasos
The Get Up Kids Action & Action
The Get Up Kids Holiday
The Get Up Kids I'm a Loner Dottie a Rebel
The Get Up Kids Ten Minutes Rock
The Get Up Kids The Company Dime
Greyarea Tennessee
Reach the Sky Stars Lead the Way
Bueno Where Are We?
Elliott Lost Instrumental
Elliott Waiting While Under Paralysis
The Jazz June Get on the Bus
Custom - Hip Hop / Rap
Good4Nuthin Good4Nuthin
The Cuf Re-evolution
The Cuf Re-evolution Remix
The Cuf Rip This
The Cuf Sac O'tomatoes
The Cuf Tape Slang
The Cuf What Do You Think Yet Doin?
Hyperviolet Carve (feat. Jer-Dog)
MyG Blitzkrieg