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Ridge Racer Handheld/Mobile Games

Ridge Racer Slipstream list based on in-game jukebox songs order. Others TODO

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ridge Racer Slipstream - same as Ridge Racer 7
Ridge Racer (PSP) - All
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Red Disc
Sampling masters MEGA Highride Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Warp Trooper Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Bassrider Electronica
Yu Miyake Pulse Phaze Electronica
Sanodg Chrome Drive Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Synthetic Life Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Blue Disc
Hiroshi Okubo Disco Ball Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Night Stream Electronica
Asuka Sakai Light Groove Electronica
J99 Vanishing Horizon Electronica
Tetsukazu Nakanishi Tunnel Visionary Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Tek Trek (with Koji Nakagawa) Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Remix Disc
Sampling masters MEGA Rotterdam Nation Remix Electronica
Sampling masters MEGA Speedster Remix Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Drive U 2 Dancing Remix Electronica
Sanodg Rareheroes Electronica
J99 Blue Topaz Remix Electronica
Tetsukazu Nakanishi Motor Species Remix Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Classic 1 Disc
Sampling masters MEGA Ridge Racer Composed soundtrack
Sanodg Grip Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Euphoria Composed soundtrack
Sampling masters AYA Silver Stream Composed soundtrack, Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Naked Glow Composed soundtrack
Asuka Sakai Your Vibe Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Classic 2 Disc
Kohta Takahashi Move Me Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Movin in Circles Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Eat 'Em Up Electronica, Composed soundtrack
Yu Miyake Tsui Tsui Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Samurai Rocket Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Daredevil Electronica
Ridge Racer (PSP) - Ungrouped
Hiroshi Okubo Ignition
Hiroshi Okubo Departure Lounge Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo World Touring
Junichi Nakatsuru Beyond
Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) - All
Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) - Ordered by official Spotify release tracklist
Hiroshi Okubo Scream Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Departure Lounge 2 Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Rage Racer Remix Electronica
Sampling masters MEGA Rotten7 Remix Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Kamikaze Remix Electronica
Sampling masters AYA Heart of Hearts Remix Electronica
Sampling masters MEGA Heat Floor Remix Electronica
Sanodg Paris Remix Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Pearl Blue Soul Composed soundtrack
Hiroshi Okubo Burnin' Rubber Composed soundtrack, Electronica
Hiroshi Okubo Quiet Curves (with Asaka Sakai) Composed soundtrack, Electronica
Koji Nakagawa The Objective Composed soundtrack
Sanodg EXH-NOTES Composed soundtrack, Electronica
Kohta Takahashi Euphoria Composed soundtrack
Junichi Nakatsuru Mellow Curves Electronica
Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) - All
Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) - Non-Race Music
Taku Inoue Open Up Your Window
Hiroshi Okubo Starting Grid
Sky Hy Tonight
Hiroshi Okubo Do You Wanna Ride?