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Big Mutha Truckers

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - GC/PS2/Xbox ?
The Corb Lund Band Roughest Neck Around Country
The Corb Lund Band Five Dollar Bill Country
Wiskey Biscuit Mom Song Rock
Elmore James Shake Your Money Maker Blues
Everly Brothers Ladies Love Outlaws Country
Bonfire Born to be Wild Rock
Technique Sun is Shining Pop
Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Rock
Dirty Vegas Ghosts Rock
Candice I Know What I Like Pop
Custom - K-Rok
Somebodiesgame_id793 K-Rok Full Radio Composed soundtrack
Sugardrive Drunk Pt. 1 Rock
Vera Cruise Keep all the Lies Rock
Wiskey Biscuit Kids Hangin' Out Rock
Sugardrive Wired Rock
Custom - SPACE 108
Somebodiesgame_id793 Space 108 Full Radio Composed soundtrack
Candice Unexperienced Pop
Custom - MC Escher
Somebodiesgame_id793 MC Escher Full Radio Composed soundtrack
Stereo MCs Deep Down And Dirty (Jon Carter Basement Mix) ???
Custom - Yak FM
Somebodiesgame_id793 Yak FM Full Radio Composed soundtrack
Custom - Yeehaw FM
Somebodiesgame_id793 Yeehaw FM Full Radio Composed soundtrack
Sonny George Truck Driver Man No. 1 Country
Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops Driving Rain Blues
Sonny George Truck On Boy Country