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MXGP 2021

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Country Band Song Genre
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Hallmore Dreams Beyond Electronica
Squiid Venus
Ballpoint Glitter
Digital Camel Sad Life Electronica
Adua Blaize Do It Better
Swif7 Cyber Cruiser
Loving Caliber Picture Of You (Oomiee Remix)
Tape Machines Deep Roots
Squiid Wanna Go Back Electronica
Hallman Heard The Stars
Ballpoint Goons
Squiid Under The Stars
Ooyy Maverick Electronica
Adua Blaize French Party Electronica
Oomiee Flavors
Somebodygame_id721 Woosh Ds Amped 46
Allen Nova Rival
Raccy Lion Heart
Luwaks Strange Behaviour
Cushy Obey Trap
Marc Torch Wild Birds
Cushy Limit Trap
Ooyy Divergent
Oomiee Be Right There
Squiid Atmospherica Electronica
Killrude Paint the Wall