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Need for Speed No Limits

TODO: Replace licensed soundtrack links with in-game version and somehow check songs per each known update that brought any new music to the game. Soundtrack available at http://vgm.hcs64.com

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Country Band Song Genre
iOS / Android - All
iOS / Android - 1.0 Release Soundtrack
J. Nitrous Live Fast Trap
12th Planet Murdaa Trap
Calling All Cars Reptile Rock
Le Castle Vania Raise The Dead (feat. Cory Brandan) Electro House
Travis Barker & Yelawolf Push 'Em Rap
Steve Aoki Rage The Night Away (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) Electro House
Clutch Crucial Velocity Rock
Flosstradamus Mosh Pit (feat. Casino) Trap
iOS / Android - Instrumentals
J. Nitrous Live Fast Trap JNitrous_LiveFast_2.mp3
12th Planet Murdaa Trap 12thPlanet_MayhemMurdaaa_2.mp3
Calling All Cars Reptile Rock CallingAllCars_Reptile_2.mp3
Le Castle Vania Raise The Dead Electro House LeCastleVania_RaiseTheDead_2.mp3
Travis Barker Push 'Em Rap TravisBarker_PushEm_2.mp3
Steve Aoki Rage The Night Away Electro House SteveAokiWockaFlackaFlame_RageTheNightAway_2.mp3
Clutch Crucial Velocity Rock Clutch_CrucialVelocity_2.mp3
iOS / Android - Composed Soundtrack
Jamie Andersen Loading Music Composed soundtrack loading_01.mp3
Jamie Andersen Menu Music 1 Composed soundtrack frontend_01.mp3
Jamie Andersen Menu Music 2 Composed soundtrack frontend_02.mp3
Jamie Andersen Tuning Shop Theme Electronica
Updates - All
Updates - Neon Future (3.6.13)
Steve Aoki A Lover And A Memory (Yves V Remix) Dance
Steve Aoki & Alok Do It Again Electronica
Steve Aoki Anything More (Will Sparks Remix) Electronica
Steve Aoki Do Not Disturb (Blue Brains Remix) Electronica
Steve Aoki Why Are We So Broken (feat. Blink-182) (Steve Aoki Remix) Electronica
Updates - 5OKI ft. Steve Aoki (2.10.1)
Hardwell & Steve Aoki feat. Kris Kiss Anthem Electronica
Steve Aoki & Quintino Mayhem Electronica
Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke It's Time (feat. Bruce Buffer) Electronica
Steve Aoki & Loopers Pika Pika (feat. Vinnie Jones) Electronica
Steve Aoki & Vini Vici Moshi Moshi (feat. Mama Aoki) Psytrance
Updates - Breakout (3.4.3)
Chris Blackwell & Darren Leigh Purkiss Gearshift D&B
Dan Weniger Beast Mechanics Electronica
Updates - Undercover (4.2.3)
Krewella Video with all edits of songs from update Trap
Krewella Ghost Trap
Krewella Greenlights Trap
Krewella Good On You Dharmopop?
Updates - Future Past (4.9.11)
Nipsey Hussle Last Time That I Checc'd (feat. YG) Trap
Trash Talk Something Wicked Rock
Updates - Kingmaker (6.2.0)
Barkaa King Brown Trap
Barkaa Blak Matriarchy Trap
Barkaa Godz Trap
Updates - Takeover (6.6.1)
A$AP Rocky Palace (No Limits Cut) Rap
Trailers / Others - All
Trailers / Others - Official Trailers
J. Nitrous Live Fast Trap
Krewella Ghost Trap
Steve Aoki & Vini Vici Moshi Moshi (feat. Mama Aoki) Psytrance
Steve Aoki Rage The Night Away (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) (Milo & Otis Remix) Electro House
Fred V and Grafix Forest Fires (Massappeals Remix) Trap