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Initial D Arcade Stage 8

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Ace Breakin' Out Eurobeat
Annalise Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Tonight Eurobeat
Fastway Come On Baby Eurobeat
Kaioh Sunlight Eurobeat
Ducky Chix Prayer Eurobeat
Mega NRG Man Your Love Is Like A Medicine Eurobeat
Ken Blast When The Sun Goes Down Eurobeat
Daniel Super Driver Eurobeat
Bamboo Bimbo Kiss Eurobeat
Leo River Far From The Light Eurobeat
Dave Rodgers The Race Of The Night Eurobeat
Paul Harris Nonsense Sensation Eurobeat
David Dima Heart's On Fire Eurobeat
Ace Adrenaline Eurobeat
Manuel Never Say Never Eurobeat
Dream Fighters I Just Wanna Stay With You Eurobeat
Takenobu & Kunoichi Burn Inside Eurobeat
Custom - Opening
m.o.v.e Outsoar The Rainbow Eurobeat