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Amped 3

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Stuff found at GiantBomb + in-game files as I cannot run the game in emulator
Custom - Abacus Records
The Goodwill Your Friendly Ghosts
The Goodwill Live And Die On
Custom - Alternative
Cellphone Masses Real
The Kite-Eating Tree Like Butterscotch
The Kite-Eating Tree Hope Is A Passenger
Green Olive Tree Dagobah
The Kite-Eating Tree Sighs Of The Curator
Green Olive Tree Fake
The Kite-Eating Tree All Swedish No Finish
The Kite-Eating Tree Softer Seems the Pavement
Green Olive Tree Pull
Custom - Arc The Finger Records
Collective Efforts Define
Collective Efforts No Worries
Minamina Goodsong Sollay
Collective Efforts Versability
Psyche Origami Wherever You Are
Custom - Asylum Ent.
Eddie Meeks & Jax Change Everything
Custom - Babygrand Records
Sharkey Here We Are
Custom - Century Media
Nightrage Release
Custom - Doghouse Records
Cruiserweight Goodbye Daily Sadness
Cruiserweight Passible
Cruiserweight To Be Quite Honest
Custom - Drive-Thru Records
I Am The Avalanche Always
Hellogoodbye Jesse Buy Nothing
Hidden In Plain View Ashes Ashes
Allister A Study In Economics
Halifax Because Pillows Are for Sleeping
Hellogoodbye Call N' Return
Hidden In Plain View American Classic
Custom - Electronica
Kristin Mainhart Cary Grant
Kristin Mainhart Stranger Things
Rob Simonsen Breathe
Kristin Mainhart Chomping
Kristin Mainhart Gonna Make It
Chilldren Ov Paradise Thrillseeker
Trystero Him And Her And Him
Minimum Soundtrack Big City At Night
Mount Sims No Yellow Lines
Trystero Birthday
Kristin Mainhart Same Name In Gold
Mount Sims Restless
Kristin Mainhart Tramp (remix)
Cowboys & Monsters Freezing Tree
Amanaska Distant Worlds
Custom - Emo
This Is Exploding Stop
Time To Fly I Went Out to Colorado in 1972
Long Since Forgotten What She Said
This Providence Catching My Breathe
Woke Up Falling 21 Miles Into Kansas
National Fire Theory Too Young To Die
This Providence Our Flag Is White
Time To Fly Birth
This Is Exploding Mourning
Time To Fly Seemingly Grey
Dignen From The Outside
Custom - Ferret Records
Boys Night Out Healing
Boys Night Out Purging
Custom - Hip Hop
Brandon Musser The New Song
Lojique Instrumentalude Pt 1