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Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Cherry Set Me Free Eurobeat
Queen 26 You Are My Wonder Eurobeat
The Snake Queen Of Mean Eurobeat
Gold-Rake Hurricane Man Eurobeat
Stephy Martini Mad Desire Eurobeat
Eurogroove Euronight Eurobeat
Fastway Rock Beatin' Wild Eurobeat
Pamsy Once Upon A Time Eurobeat
Nick Mansell Burn Into The Beat Eurobeat
Dusty The Lovebite Eurobeat
Hely Forever Sad Eurobeat
Mark Astley Super Rider Eurobeat
Go 2 Don't Turn It Off Eurobeat
Jordan King Of Eurobeat Eurobeat
Custom - Opening
m.o.v.e The Double Ace Eurobeat
Custom - Ending
m.o.v.e Bird Eurobeat