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Gran Turismo 7

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Custom - Both Menu and Race playlists
STR4TA Aspects Rock
Daiki Kasho Day To Live Rock
Gonno Drive on Coins D&B
Nittoku Inoue Get Away Rock
Daiki Kasho Heaven Composed soundtrack
Nittoku Inoue Kill Switch Rock
Quantic Motivic Retrograde Rock
Daiki Kasho Shadows of Our Past Rock
Naomee Sky High Mountain Breeze Electronica
Gonno Something Must Break D&B
Daiki Kasho Surv1v3 Rock
Nittoku Inoue Twist Rock
Custom - Menu playlist (only)
annayamada 4 CHORDS Lounge Music
Taku Yabuki 7 days reminiscence Jazz
Lenny Ibizarre Across The Desert Lounge
Lenny Ibizarre Adagio for Strings Op. 11 (Lenny Ibizarre Strings over Beats mix) Lounge
Makoto After The Rain Lounge Music
Satoshi Bando Afterglow Jazz
Lenny Ibizarre Air for the G String BWV1068 (Lenny Ibizarre Big Air Beat Groove Mix) Lounge
Johann Sebastian Bach Air on the G String Classical music
Somebodygame_id516 Amazing Grace Classical music
Lous and The Yakuza Amigo Pop
Isola Any Day Electronica
Taroma Koshida Apollo Bossanova
Akihisa Yamaguchi At Night Electronica
Quantic Atlantic Oscillations Lounge
London Grammar Baby It's You (George Fitzgerald Remix) Electronica
Lenny Ibizarre Balearic Journey Lounge
Felbm Beaufort Lounge
Akihisa Yamaguchi Beautiful Area Electronica
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Butterfly 3000 Electronica
Yasuo Sakou Cana do Brasil Lounge
Johann Pachelbel Canon Classical music
Kemmei Casino Drive Lounge Music
Seigen Tokuzawa Cecile Bossanova
Lenny Ibizarre Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude (Lenny Ibizarre Koto vs Cello Mix) Lounge
Mitsutoshi Sato Christmas Tree Lounge
Mitu Cianotipo Electronica
Daisuke Kawai City Circuit Jazz
Claude Debussy Clair De Lune Classical music
Lenny Ibizarre Clair de lune (Lenny Ibizarre Vintage Grooves Mix) Lounge
Lenny Ibizarre Computers Have Control Lounge
Mitsutoshi Sato Constructor's Blues Lounge
Ian Pooley Coracao Tambor (feat. Rosanna and Zelia) Electronica
Yudai Satoh Current of the times Jazz
Somebodygame_id516 Danny Boy Classical music
Satoshi Bando Dark Line Jazz
Mike Caviezel Dropped & Chopped Rock
Cargo DRUMACT Lounge Music
Lenny Ibizarre Dusk to Dawn Lounge
Taroma Koshida East Avenue Bossanova
Lenny Ibizarre Epic You Lounge
Lenny Ibizarre Etherealism Lounge
Lenny Ibizarre Etude Op. 10-12 (Lenny Ibizarre Electro Mix) Lounge
Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra Eu Quero Ser Pop
Seigen Tokuzawa Eve Bossanova
Lenny Ibizarre Event Horizon Lounge
Seigen Tokuzawa Fiorenzo Bossanova
CFCF Fleurs Laisses Dans un Taxi Lounge
Gaspard Auge Force Majeure Electronica