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Monster Jam Steel Titans

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Country Band Song Genre
Custom - All
Custom - Ungrouped
Dead Posey Freak Show (Instrumental) Rock
Charles Stephens III Stomp the Place Rock
Jaron Takach Toughest in the Business (with Derek Long & Rashawn Mclean) Rock
Jason Steele Stay Sharp Rock
Jaron Takach Start 'Er Up (with Derek Long & Rashawn Mclean) Rock
Chris Constantinou Top Spot (with James Young) Rock
Jason Steele From the Smoke Rock
David Corboy The Starting Squad (with Guido Castillo) Rock
Jason Steele It's Race Day Rock
Chris Constantinou Mental Game (with James Young) Rock
Alexander Hitchens The Builder Rock
Alexander Hitchens Watch Them Rock
9Electric Favorite Enemy (Instrumental) Rock
9Electric Smash It (Instrumental) Rock
Ariel Bellevaire Nothing but History (Instrumental) Rock
Ariel Bellevaire Outsider (Instrumental) Rock
Taide Pienda Road Rage (Instrumental) Rock
Sluggo King Pon You (with Don't Kill It) ???
Paraglyph Human Burden ???
Paraglyph Parallels ???
Olivier Zahm Wrecking Ball (with Greg Jacks) (Instrumental) Rock
Nicholas O'Toole Rolling Tyrants Composed soundtrack
Nicholas O'Toole Monster Grip Composed soundtrack
Justin Lassen Wicked Monsters ???
Justin Lassen Electric Jams ???
Custom - Trailers (only)
Oh The Larceny Turn It Up Rock